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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I never realized how many things have sugar

So yesterday I started my "stay away from sugar" regime. I messed up before breakfast...

I ended up eating a fig newton while I was making oatmeal yesterday morning. As I crumpled the wrapper it came in I suddenly realized that I wasn't supposed to eat sugar. Darn! From there I was suddenly super aware of how many things I automatically put in my mouth or my meals that contain sugar.

Throughout the day I unconsciously ate again. I ate a thin mint Girl Scout cookie when I realized someone left them for us. Before I realized what I did I was licking up the crumbs around my mouth. Darn again!

And then in the afternoon when they were giving out snacks to the kids (I usually don't eat the snacks because I don't like them unless they're granola bars.. well guess what.. that's right) I ended up swallowing an oatmeal raisin thin granola bar before I realized I had done it again. Wait, what? Oh sh** not again!

Today I went to the dining hall for breakfast. I usually get oatmeal there too. My usual process is get a serving-spoonful of oatmeal, add a BIG spoonful of brown sugar and add milk. This morning as I was getting my regular serving of oatmeal I realized that I couldn't add the sugar. So instead I opted for butter. I NEVER put butter in my oatmeal. I tried it and it was o.k. Not amazing but ok.

I also ended up getting a small serving of scrambled eggs and hash browns. I was about to reach for the ketchup when I realized again that ketchup is more sugar than tomato flavor. I was bummed because I hate the taste of generic scrambled eggs (unless there's something in the egg I don't like it) or cold hash browns. Luckily my boss brought out the salsa bottle. I had to check the ingredients of this salsa and was happily surprised that there was no sugar added! Sweet.

I added a nice dollop of salsa and finished my sugar-free breakfast.

Go me!

It's amazing how much sugar I usually eat that I don't notice. I'm glad I'm trying this. We'll see how the week goes.



Nanette said...

It's amazing... everything has sugar or wheat or corn syrup or fake sugar. Because of that, I've been sticking to fruit, veg, cheese and meat - and yogurt (but it has the sugar).

It takes a lot of label reading to figure out how to eat around it. You'll get the hang of it and I really wish you luck!

Debsdailylife said...

Sugar free is hard!!!! BUT, it also taught me to read labels even closer and pay attention to EVERYTHING I put in my mouth.!!

Margee said...

I find it amazing how much unthoughtful eating I do. Sounds like a great exercise!