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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Late Non-Weigh In

Yesterday was hectic yet not. I forgot a lot of little things throughout the day I didn't even work out. But here I am finally making up for lost time.


Hips: 48.25 inches (+0.25 inches)
Waist: 44.25 inches (-0.25 inches)
Arm: 14.5 inches (same)
Thigh: 26 inches (-0.5 inches)
Calf: 16.5 inches (same)

So I randomly lost 1/4 inch on my waist and it ended up transferring over to my hips. I'm ok with that, random as it is. I'm interested to find out what possibly could have lowered the measurements of my thighs but I'll take that too. LOL


I did pretty well last week. I think i drank enough water 5/7 days. On Sunday I ended up going to a theme park with a couple of my co-workers. It was a nice sunny day and I definitely felt some symptoms of dehydration. I worked on it. LOL

Strength Training
 Because I was trying my best to take it easy on my feet and legs since my right heel was still in a lot of pain I ended up doing a little more strength training than I'm used to. I ended up doing 3 days worth of easy strength training. It felt great. I need to work on it more often.

Again, because my foot was still healing I refrained from a lot of cardio. I tried to run on Tuesday and my LEFT leg ended up cramping up like crazy. I ended up having to walk a good part of the way and slowed down considerably. I think it has to do with the fact that I've been putting more weight on my left leg since I've been limping with my right. Sigh.

Thankfully after purchasing insoles for my shoes, wearing arch supporting sandals these last few sunny days, and stretches in the morning my heel pain has gotten a lot better. It's still in pain whenever I'm idle for a while and then stand up but it's getting a lot better than last week.

I walk/jogged this afternoon, and although I did get some tightness up my left leg again it went a lot better.

Goals: My goal last week was to eat less sugar. Apart from consuming some ketchup a couple of times last week and trying my friends cheese cake I managed to stay away from the regular sugary things I usually automatically go for. I'm going to continue trying to stay away from sugar and I think I'm going to start counting calories again. For one month I'm going to attempt to focus more on strength training, water consumption and a calorie range. We'll see how this month goes.

Wish me luck!


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