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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eating everything in sight!

I'm in the middle of my second week of training and I feel like I'm taking it too easy. I haven't been able to get past 3 miles cycling, my runs feel disgraceful ( I keep having to walk/jog rather than continue one pace) and I wish I could swim more often.

However every session I make sure I push myself a little farther and I started doing some easy cross training during my runs as well. I think I need to work on stretching.

But what I really noticed was my appetite! Just last night our dining hall was serving hamburgers for dinner. (Not bad.) I ended up eating one burger with two slices of cheese, one slice of tomato, lettuce and onion. Then I ate a stuffed bell pepper stuffed with marinara sauced ground beef. Then I went back and ate another burger patty with a slice of cheese and some mayo and to top it all off I ate two apples. This was only dinner!

And after the last apple I didn't feel stuffed. I felt full. But not overly full. I need to watch my food in take during these training days. I'll end up gaining weight rather than losing it!

More updates to come this weekend.

Have a great rest of the week!


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