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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Virtual 5k!

I decided to do a New Years Virtual 5k hosted again by Kiley from Daily Vitamin F.

 I decided to take a companion with me this time. Her name is Samantha (Sam for short).
She was begging me for my phone by trying to shake my hand. LOL

Sam and I went out on New Years Eve mid morning. We started off easy going through our neighborhood. It was an out and back so on the way back we picked up the pace. I let her lead the pace for most of it, i.e. she made my lazy ass run! 

 It was a beautiful day and you could see the mountains in the distance covered in snow. This view really reminds me of why I love my home town. It's gorgeous!
We finished our walk/jog 5k in 48 minutes 17 seconds.

 My printer didn't agree with me so I wasn't able to print out my New Years bib, but that's ok. It wasn't that much about the race this time but getting out and getting active. Sam loved it and so did I.

 Have a great year everyone!


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