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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Triathlon Training Week ONE

It's been one week since I came back to the mountain. The second I returned to work I started my triathlon training. I looked online for different beginner work out schedules and made a similar one for myself. In order to get a good idea on what in the world I would be training for I had the opportunity to check out the park where the race will take place. I took pictures. 
The lake!
 and up and up and up
The park has a lot of different semi-connecting trails and a nice, calm, human made lake. I checked out the lake to see just how long the swim was going to be. It seemed calm and I became excited about the swimming part. Across from the south shore (where the transition stations will be) there is a trail head for the start of the cycling and the run sections. The run starts at a rocky, steep hill. It levels out but then continues to climb up and up and up. 

You know you're in So Cal when you see cactus.
The cycling loop
  At some point during my exploration I cut across the picnic area and came back on a section that will be part of the cycling loop. There are hills in the cycling section but they are more wide and more like a fire road than the running trails. I admit I got lost with all the connecting trails and roads but I became very excited as I continued to explore. Although most of the race will be off road, the area is beautiful the roads are relatively smooth and/or do-able.

 I made it back to the car and was just about to leave when I suddenly realized that I hadn't touched the water! I ran back down to the lake, took off my socks and shoes and walked in to the water up to my knees. It. was. COLD. I stayed in the water for a minute to see if the cold would subside but it didn't! In fact my calves were cold for 15 minutes after I left the park. This means I'll eventually need a wet suit. 
I'm not a fan of cold water. 

Nervous but excited
The experience made me feel very nervous because I know I'm not fit enough to do everything just yet. But of course that's the magic word; yet. I know that it's going to be a challenge to get myself fit enough to do this sprint triathlon but that's the point. The point is the journey and the training, not necessarily how quickly I finish the race. Nervous yet enthusiastic I returned to work up the mountain and started my training week. 

When I got back I logged my weight and my measurements (217 lbs, size 18, 46"bust, 41"waist, 49"hips) and took my before pictures. I'm hoping that by April the after pictures will show a more fit, toned, happier looking person. Maybe I'll even lose weight! 

One of the mornings looked like this. brrr
The hardest part of training so far has been getting up early in the morning and actually getting my ass outside. It's hard because I'm not used to snow or ice on the ground and the cold weather makes me the laziest sloth in the universe. Luckily I know myself well and before I even started I wrote down all the reasons why I was doing this training and I even included pep talks.   

With all this prep and internal motivation I have been getting up each morning flip flopping running for cycling and even set up recovery/rest time. This weekend I was able to go to the nearest pool (a half hour drive one way) and got my swimming on. It feels AMAZING being back in the pool. It's going to take some time getting used to waking up early and forcing myself to work out and push myself a little more each time but I know that it will all be worth it in the end. I already feel a change because when I wake up in the morning I no longer feel bleh. 

One week done 12 more to go!

Till next time!

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