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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Triathlon Training: Week THREE

Another week of training. This week has felt looong. But that doesn't mean bad. I was able to conquer a few things and that makes me very happy and very hopeful.

One day, right?
First thing is I've noticed I've been doing a little better with my running intervals. Again when I went running earlier this week I would stop after five minutes and do some sort of interval training; push ups, jumping jacks etc. I noticed that I was actually going a little farther this time in my five minute runs. Hopefully this means I'm getting a bit faster. I've been having motivation issues where I can't keep a rhythm going and I keep stopping mid duration. The second run later that week I spent working on trail running. I'm getting better at it and even managed to survive going up a steep, long fire road. Was I a speed demon up this hill? Absolutely not! But the fact that I did it without stopping was a proud moment.

Cycling has been going pretty well too. My poor old bike needs to be lubed up and I think there's something up with the second gear but other than that it's been going fine. Last week I was thrilled that I made it up the hill that had been plaguing me. This week that hill was fine and I had a new hill to conquer.(Check out the pic below,) Once I finish the first hill I have a nice mile or so that is a pretty easy/down hill but then there's another hill. It is a giant cul-de-sac that goes gradually uphill and once you reach the other side it suddenly does a steep drop. Well I decided to tackle this cul-de-sac this week in the rain! Let me just say cool mist weather is great when you're  huffing and puffing up a curved incline but that weather is scary when your glasses suddenly fog up and you're dropping faster than 30mph. But I did it!

Sad and frustrated.
One thing I didn't get to do was swim this week. :(  My car's power steering is still not working and it is unsafe to drive it in these roads, not to mention driving it like that would kill the rest of my car. I was almost convinced I would swim in my camps pond, but when I walked over yesterday and put my feet in the water to check the temperature I cursed. The water was FREEZING! I do not have a wet suit and I promised myself  I'd keep myself healthy and not get a cold. I then, very grudgingly, accepted that I would not be swimming this weekend and instead I decided to start practicing my transitions.

Therefore, yesterday I tried my first bike-to-run  transition. Twenty minute bike ride with a 2 mile run after. Let me tell you, suddenly changing your work out feels WEIRD! My thighs and hamstrings were completely confused and trying to catch up for half a mile. My fingers were numb from the bike ride and I didn't re-gain feeling until a mile in to my run. By the end I felt fine but my run was slow and like I mentioned I kept stopping. Grrr.

So today, already acknowledging that a pool was not in my near future, and being really upset over the fact that I can't keep my pace going, I decided to do a long run just for the heck of it. I took off my watch, I turned off the sound in my RunKeeper so as not to hear any updates from my phone but still have it log my progress, and just went for it. I did the same 6 mile loop I do with my bike, except this time I jogged the whole thing. It felt AMAZING. I kept the pace steady and slow, the type of pace where you can keep a conversation going. I conquered both crazy hills and enjoyed the downhill treks. I worked out the few aches I was getting on my sides and knees and just. kept. going. It felt really good to just continue. I did stop a few times but none were longer than 20 seconds. Here are the results of today:
This map shows you what route I took, my mileage, my pace, my speed and even how many calories I burned!
Mile 1 and Mile 3 are the big hills I've been mentioning. Although my pace was crazy slow it felt great to just keep going and keep going without stopping. Once I finished my route I knew I could probably keep going, but I also knew my legs were tired and hadn't run that long in a while so I decided to stop and stretch instead. It wasn't about the mileage or the pace. It was about running and enjoying it. I haven't actually enjoyed my running in a long time. Thank goodness I can still have that feeling.

I'm a bit tired now and a bit hungry. My meals have not been going well. I haven't been tracking my food at all and I know I've been over eating. All this training will be wasted if I continue doing this. I am going to re-start calorie counting. I'm going to just count whatever I eat next week and then start lowering the calories little by little. I understand that I'm working out a lot more and I have to fuel correctly but this doesn't mean third helpings on bread and adding a ton of butter to my toast. I can do this.

I hope your Monday morning will bring energy and I desire and fire to do something good for your body and mind.


p.s. Weigh in will be tomorrow or Tuesday. The menstrual cycle is doing it's thing so I'm not too excited about the number I'll see on the scale.

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