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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weigh In--pass

I'm passing on my weekly Weigh In this week.

I've been a little stressed out (nothing compared to my senior year days but..) and I admit right now I haven't been a "good girl" when it comes to diet and exercise.

I will report that I did go back and get my BMI checked again. Again microscopic change. The training manager told me that I should be losing 1-2% every month if I do it right. I've only been losing decimals of a percentage.

He says I'm plateauing. I say he's probably right.. and I add a "well, damn~" to it too. I can't get too upset over this. I just really have to sit down and get my act together.

Other than that I tried going to a different Zumba class on Tuesdays (I usually go Wed. mornings) and I admit I really enjoyed it. This teacher takes the time to make sure we're doing each step correctly and why it's important to do so. There's also less than 20 people in this class so I got to be in the front which felt fantastic if I do say so myself. :)

I'm getting ready for the desert. Which means getting my outdoor survival supplies in check. I hope I have everything to survive in the "wild" LOL. Especially when there's a fast food restaurant less than 20 miles away. LOL LOL LOL.

My little sister bought me a Lady Gaga cd~

I admit I love Lady Gaga. Don't hate! She's fab!

and I found myself dreaming up steps to some of the songs. Maybe one day I'll finally come up with a YouTube channel of me showing off cool moves. Hey! I can dream can't I??

Yes I can. LOL

good luck this week! Let's show March what it's all about!


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