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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Quick Word from the Field!

So it's been over a week or so since I left home and started working in the desert again. I was pretty excited to head back to the field and despite a lil awkwardness seeing unwanted faces I've been having a FANTASTIC TIME!!

I was camping out with Fish and Game people for most of the week since I was working seperately from the rest of the regular Mills College group and I averaged that I was hiking atleast 6-7 miles a day for five days.. and atleast 3 miles for 3 more days.. The most was I think 9 miles in one day and boy did my legs feel it~~ lol

It was awesome working with veteran Fish and Game people whose careers are to go out to Back Country and live in the land while providing the state information on their land and preserving the animal life in the area (Bio rocks!!) and learning how to eat healthy and deliciously while living out of a tent and a camp stove.

It's pretty amazing...

Too bad that I was personally eating ramen noodles and pb&j sandwiches since that was all I could afford.. but let me tell you a couple of great things about working out with a small eco-conscious and healthy crew:

Number 1: They're friendly and like to feed you.
Number 2: They like it when you show interest in what they're doing.. whether it's using a GPS hand unit to how to smoke salmon
Number 3: They inspire you to get healthier and you don't feel like shit for trying.

Yup! I gained a lot of info.. and let me tell you one more thing that helps a ton for people who want to get in shape but are super lazy like me..

Being in the field you have no choice but to walk your ass off and eat what you have but:
Because you're working your butt off the food you DO have taste fantastic!! I remember salivating over a warmed up can of Progresso vegetable soup when before I'd turn my nose to it... and prunes taste sooo yummy.

Aaaaannnd if you only pack healthy stufff then you HAVE to eat healthy regardless.. of course you don't feel guilty scarfing a burger when you get back to civilization but hey! I deserved it!

So because I'm not home I can't post pics yet.. and since I'm in a public computer I can't take up any more time reminiscing.. but I'll try to update as soon as I can..

I'm going to be looking for a 24 around here and I'll try to weigh myself as soon as I get near an available scale!

Wish me luck!!


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Jen said...

It sounds like a fun trip! I'm glad you're having a good time. Good luck my love!