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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weigh In

Disclamer: I'm not very energetic or optimistic today so I'll keep this post brief.

Current Weight: 247 lbs (I'm very happy to report that I'm finally under the 250 mark and I am going to try my hardest to keep away from reaching that number ever again)

Work Out Achievement(s): I haven't been very happy-go-lucky this past weekend or yesterday. I missed the gym yesterday but I couldn't do it twice in a row. So I forced myself out of the house today and went to the gym. However I suddenly realized that I decided to go just around the time everyone was getting off work and of course the place was packed. A large 24 hour fitness with rows and rows of treadmills and elliptical machines the length of the place and there was a waiting line. And of course people who weren't waiting were in line for the weight machines. I wasn't in the mood to wait. So I went straight to the locker rooms, passed the rows of sinks and lighted up mirrors, passed the showers and crossed the small little hallway to the pool.

It was nearly empty. I sighed in relief and realized I hadn't been swimming in weeks. I also remembered that I had found my old goggles a couple of weeks ago.. and that I had a beach towel in the trunk of my car and my swim suit in my gym bag.

I guess I was going swimming. It actually sounded perfect. I needed something therapeutic, where I didn't need an mp3 player to go in a trance.

I ended up swimming 20 laps in slow motion. Even after my old goggles snapped after the first two laps I kept going. It felt great. I am now much more calm.... and smell like chlorine.

Current Goal(s): My goal is to limit my calorie intake a bit more and keep it under 1700 calories tops. I've been going up to nearly 2000 the last week or so. I am still going strong on the 'no juice' thing and I finally got my check in so I can finally look for a few things I want to buy. It'll probably all go to hiking and camping supplies for the start of my desert adventures at the end of the month. March is here people and I'm very behind (in more ways than one). I have the "March Blues" I guess you could say. But that's not going to stop me from keeping on this journey. I won't let it. Maybe watching episode after episode of LOST isn't a good choice for me right now (I finished all 4 seasons of Heroes) but maybe it's what's giving me such determination. I'm rooting for Hurley (in LOST). "Represent Fat boy! Muah!!"

I think he's kind of cute. What?? I like nice guys with curly hair :) aaand he can keep up with all the fit jungle cats too. Now what!! LOL

I hope that this month brings me progress and hopefully some joy. Have a good week!


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