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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Chocolate? Why do you hate me so??

So it's St. Patricks Day and I spent the whole day inside my house cleaning, cooking, scrubing, sweeping, walking dogs and teasing cats.. getting ready for family from MX to come over today at a non-determined time.

Everyone else was out, first to school and work.. then to after school and more work. I was fine and all that since I'm a natural hermit until my grandmother called my mom and I found out she was at my aunts house having fun chit chatting with my aunt and one of our old neighbors, my brother and his girlfriend were out with friends, my sister was playing in the park with her friends and our cousins and my dad was in LA. ...

It was then that I realized that I was stuck inside the house all day waiting for someone elses visitors stuck with my grandmother who makes me have major anxiety attacks and break downs (literally, I'm seriously not kidding) when I'm in close proximity with her for a long period of time.. and everyone else was out having fun on a holiday.

It pissed me off quite frankly. So once I realized it was getting close to 8pm and no one was home yet I decided to leave.

F*ck this. I got up. Put on some shoes and a smile, counted my random change, decided I had enough money for a latte'... got my car keys and left.

I went to my only haven in suburbia.. Borders. Ordered a mocha-dark chocolate/white chocolate frappacino with a lil whip cream and white chocolate shavings... grabbed the copy of the first Dexter book from my fave cable series

oh Dexter.. I miss you.. come back for season 5 already!

sat in a lounge chair and started reading chapter 1. Slurping up the sugary drink and even taking the time to use the straw to spoon up the lil white chocolate shavings that sank down.

I knew I shouldn't have gotten that latte' frap thing but I didn't care. I was 'being a rebel' and "getting out of the house dammit!" but of course stupid decisions always come back to bite you in the ass and almost an hour later I was feeling dizzy and I was getting an over all headache.

"Shit, shit, shit.. damn that was fast. Not even a couple of hours.. less than one hour and I'm already feeling shitty. God. I can't concentrate on this book anymore. Sigh. Time to go home. Stupid sugar rush."

I already knew that sugar had the diabetic effects on me (and no I'm not a diabetic.. yet. But I'm definitely in the pre-diabetes stage) but I didn't really think sugar when I thought chocolate.

I love chocolate. I'm borderline a chocolaholic but I haven't gotten that far yet.. it made me sad that chocolate did that to me. I felt betrayed quite frankly.

Damn chocolate.

You! *shakes fist* lol it was actually a Seattle's Best Coffee drink but isn't Starbucks from Seattle too? I'm starting to think all coffee shops originate from Washington.

It's quite sad but I guess it also has to do with the whole "no juice" thing I've been doing. I guess my body wasn't ready for the sugar over load.. I guess I should have started with apple juice *rubs temples*

In the end I came home and drank some water. Yes just like when you go drinking. It's died down now and I feel better.

So, lesson to be learned? Stay away from sugary drinks at coffee shops and stick with teas. Better yet bring your own mug and if you can your own tea bags and just ask for hot water. *nods*

To chocolate. My best friend and worst enemy.


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