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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Elina's New Adventure: Pictures!

As promised here are a few pictures I managed to take this week of the area I'm now living and working in.

Let's see:

Here's a pic of my coworkers after we finish walking the plot. We're surrounded by salt bush and bulrush.. two plants which grow in abundance near natural hot springs.. which is where we were.

Did I mention I'm surrounded by hot springs? lol

One of the days we went out to trap in the morning we caught an old man bathing in the natural hot spring. I felt guilty ruining his early morning past time and at the same time self conscious since I'm still not comfortable to have my butt-naked body out in public like that. LOL.

Another pic of the beautiful scenery. The sun was starting to set and it made the whole area glow gold. It was so beautiful I had to take a pic.

Speaking of stopping dead and grabbing your camera. I made my co-workers stop for this one:

As sunset progressed it lit up and colored the neighboring hills. It was too awesome too miss.

I have tons more scenery pics of that day and the following morning. But I'll save them for another time for when I take and add pics of the trailer I'm going to be fixing up..

Until then!


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Raegun said...

Hi there - just found your blog through a link and thought I'd say 'hi'. I look forward to following your journey. Pop by for a visit sometime.