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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Hike to Black Rock

So as I just mentioned in today's Weigh In I wanted to post pics of today's short hike to "Black Rock".

"Black Rock" is this volcanic hill literally on the other side of the street from my 'trailer park' (god I hate how that sounds.. trailer park.. let's call it an RV Park.. it is technically an RV park also. I get new neighbors every night!)

The Village Naturalist made a trail using Caution Yellow Tape that takes you up there.

Apparently Native Americans in the area used that hill to do "sleeping circles". I wish I could give a full history lesson on them, but I don't know much more than that at the moment.

I cross the street and I see B.R. in the nearby distance. I can't find the trail at first so I start making my own. However once I start walking toward the Rock I quickly find the trail and move on

I could definitely see myself following caution tape of all things as a marker.. I mean who WOULDN'T follow Caution tape. It just screams "Follow me I'll show you something cool.. and forbidden" lol

So I easily follow the trail and sure enough I get to the edge of B.R.

It's an easy climb since the rocks work like stairs and since it's a nice incline it doesn't really feel like I'm going up to steeply.

Once I reach the top I get a great view of the surrounding area:

And I can also see my trailer from the top:

It was definitely a nice little trail to go on. It was simple and easy. My grandma could do it. LOL.

I'll have to look for new trails.

'Til then!


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