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Friday, October 8, 2010

A plea for help!

So I've been in this little town (they call it a village) for almost two weeks. I'm trying to get used to the area

I have never lived in a tiny town before and I'm starting to find the cuteness of it.

I can't complain over the sunset view:

This is a pic of dusk outside my study site a couple of nights ago. Pretty cool right?

I've checked most of what this lil place has to offer... which mainly means I've checked out quite a few eateries already.. which includes eating Pork chops at a neighbors bbq, inviting my co-worker for "date shakes" (these amazing shakes made out of vanilla ice cream and real date puree.. I never even knew I liked dates before this.. lol),
as well as sampling different dates right off the palm tree since there is a Date Farm out here..
lol, going to "town" and trying out their Japanese restaurant--and stuffing myself with sushi. Checking out the towns cafe' and trying out their nutella and banana crepe (yes the desert has crepes.. and nutella. yumm!) and eating tons of dark chocolate

And that was all just this week!

I finally managed to buy a scale this week also. I'm scared to climb on but I will definitely do it when this Mondays Weigh In comes rolling around.

What I need right now are recipes. I need to go out and find a book store or something with healthy recipes I can cook in my trailer.

I need to keep myself busy out here and I think learning to cook.. and learning to cook healthy is a great way of taking up my time. I keep going back to Julie and Julia when I think of starting this project. I don't think I'd want to be as strict as Julie but I DO think it would be a cool idea to cook myself through a cook book while I'm out here. Don't you think?

I love food. I can never deny that. I want to gain skills that will allow me to eat the food I want. I want to learn to want the food that's good for me. Learning how to cook the right foods should help. Right?

---So now I'm going to ask YOU, the one reading this, yes you.. Do you have any suggestions on either recipes or better yet recipe books I should try to start this new project? Please leave a comment ( I LOVE comments!) on any suggestions you might have.

Don't have any suggestions but can think of someone who might? Why not ask them? Report back here. LOL

I am honestly asking for help here. I'm tired of trying to go at this alone and having too much pride to ask for help.

So I'm asking YOU. Can you help me help myself to feeling better, getting healthier and overall become a "Well" person?

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Dr. Wade said...

Jaques Pepin is a good place to start. I like Cuisine Economique or Fast Food My Way. Lots of interesting dishes that aren't too complicated, and a nice mix of quick dinners and weekend projects. Just bear in mind that a lot of recipes in books are scaled for 4 people, so if you are cooking for yourself, plan to cut them down or to have leftovers. If you are working on eating healthier, I'd probably recommend cooking part of a recipe, as portion control is key.

Another wonderful book is The I Hate to Cook Book. It is a classic from the 60's, and has some good tricks (plus it is a lot of fun to read, although think of it as a cultural artifact from the very beginning of the woman's movement).