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Monday, November 14, 2011

Absolute Technology Fail :(

I woke up Friday morning ready to do an early Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge update since I was going to a conference all weekend, to find that the internet was down. Hell.

The conference was in the mountains away from all technology, and so I decided to wait until Sunday evening to do a quick post when I got back to MY mountains.

When we got back I found out that the internet was STILL down and had been down all weekend. Short of taking my computer and driving 1 hour down the mountain I tried to call a friend to make a post for me (I don't have a smart phone, AND I do have crappy cell service) only to have my phone die on me.


The internet finally came back on this morning. Too late I might add!

So I suppose I'm out of the challenge for missing the deadline. Absolutely horrible. I apologize. I'll update later tonight. The scale wasn't too happy with me either. Bleh



Denise said...

I'm sure you aren't out of the challenge. There have been others who didn't post an update on time and are still in the challenge. Just make your post and add it to the comments section of xmasdress today.

Princess Dieter said...

Nope. The only people who are out are those who 1. want to be and say so 2. totally ignore updating and never explain why 3. disappear altogether. :)

Just add your update post/url to the comments section. I've always had that rule--if life (or tech) gets in the way, just update ASAP and add url to update linky blog post comments. That's the rule. :D

happy new week with lots of fully functional tech!!!

Betty said...

You´re not out, so let´s see what your weight looks like. Hope you did good!

Julie said...

Oh your stuck with us my dear. Crap happens, stupid computers and all die and come back and die again and come back again. Mir knows this and you can just update tonight. It's all good. Besides we need you here, you're such a inspiration to us all.
Take care and God Bless!!