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Monday, November 28, 2011

Weigh In

Ok so now that I have a few minutes and I'm not rushing out the door to do something I can finally do a proper weigh in.

As I suspected here it is:

Current Weight: 214.4 lbs (+ 4.8 lbs)

A little scary. I knew  I'd gained weight with the amount of cake and over all food I ate (Thanksgiving week is also birthday week since 3 or 4 of my immediate family have birthdays in the same week. Crazy) but a 5 pound  gain? Even I admit that's absolutely ridiculous. Sigh* I'm sure I could blame some part of that on the T.O.M. but not enough to justify such a large gain.

I need to work harder this week. No excuses. This gain is too scary to ignore.

Work Out Achievement(s): Like I mentioned in my CDCC check in I didn't go out too much last week except for a 2 mile walk with my mother and some crazy dancing here and there. This morning I woke up sore from paint ball yesterday.

It was the first time I went paint balling and it was exciting. Although I wasn't very good (ok maybe I got out early most of the games) it just gave me motivation to want to do it again and work on technique and most of all aim. LOL.

However the squatting, running, ducking and etc assured that I had the sorest legs this morning. My front quads my glutes and my calves are sore. My left arm is also slightly sore from holding the gun. I have to work on my arm strength.
This morning after my weigh in I had some time before my staff meeting so I went for a quick hike up one of our short but steep trails and took a moment taking in the gorgeous scenery as I planned my action for this week.
"Ok, now that I'm up here, alone and with time to think, what am I going to do about this gain?"
"Does this make me weak? Undisciplined?"
"What can I do to reverse the damage? What workouts can I do? What food should I avoid?"

Things like that.

That hike is really nice because if I try to go up at a relatively quick pace it gets my blood pumping quickly and the view at the end of the trail is very worth it.

So besides continuing my water in take and etc I'm planning on working on strength training this week. Exercises I can do in between classes in my room for a few minutes and maybe bring out my pilates video this week should help, especially if I get lazy with the cold weather. I know this happens so I want to come up with a work out routine that can't leave any excuses.

That's all for now. I leave you with a picture of the paintball group yesterday. Fun times!



Jillian said...

Five pounds up is definitely not an achievement, but I know you've got this. Get your head on straight and back into the game today. Right now. You can do it!

Princess Dieter said...

I don't believe it's a 5 pound fat gain. It's partly, probably, a lot of retention from richer foods (more salt, more carbs, both of which make you retain). BUT...it is notoriously easier for formerly fat/yo-yo dieters to regain like the Dickens. The body really can fatten up the fat cells with alacrity.

The big problem will tend to be getting back in less-food/less-treat mode. The brain will be reactivated to want the triumvirate goodies (fat/sugar/starch). The cake nearly always makes us fatties pay a price bigger than the calorie count. :(

But you will be right back on it. We all need to strategize for December--the gauntlet. Here it comes!

Happy new week. On we go...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain. 5 pounds is a big number - but there are probably a few contributing factors. Just like weight LOSS is more than one factor.... get your losing equation active again and you'll be fine. Cake.. Cake.. Cake.. My most loved enemy, and I'm not alone in it. Sugar craves more sugar. I hope you can turn this baby around like right now!

Make a strong plan for the next holiday and stick to it. Offer to bring a side dish or two that you know you can load up on for your plate. Keep yourself full on that and just nibbles of the unhealthy deliciousness or... none at all? You're worth it and you can do it. You just have to go for it.