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Friday, November 4, 2011

My first 5k race is tomorrow morning...

My first 5k race is tomorrow morning ...

and I don't feel prepared.

I know I'll probably make it in around 45 minutes.
I know I can make it without an mp3 player since I've been running without one for the last couple of weeks.
I know the route (through looking at a map) and I know that I'll be in flat, paved ground, which should be easy.
I know that I've been running in 4,500 ft elevation so far and the race will be closer to sea level; which means I'll have more air to work with.
I know I'll wake up early enough to take care of business (i.e. bathroom, stretching and other lil things)
I know I could probably push myself but I also know I can keep a pretty even pace the whole way.
I know I'm running this race with awesome co-workers that will meet me at the finish line.
I know the weather is supposed to be 67 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.
I know I can do this...

...but I'm still anxious. I'm nervous. I'm worried that I DON'T have butterflies right now. Does that make any sense?

I took a shower tonight and I'm wearing comfy clothes. I'll be going to sleep soon to be up early tomorrow.

All will be well. Right?

Wish me luck!



Blubeari said...

You will LOVE it. If you're anything like most people who do this, you'll be hooked immediately. :-)

debkhershberger said...

Howd it go? Howd it go?