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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Super Quick CDCC Check In


On my way to go to paint ball this morning! Woo! I've never done it before and I'm excited.

Here we go!

Current Weight: unknown!

I don't have access to my scale right now so I'll weigh in tomorrow.. Due to some over eating my guess is a gain. eeek!

Water. 2/7 days were great. I could have done better the rest of the week.

Book: I was home and spent the entire time reading the Hunger Games. Great trilogy. Not much insight in weight loss.

Exercise: I walked with my mom once this week. That was nice. I also danced the night away at least twice this week and that was awesome!

Support: Although a few people got some responses from me I spent a lot of time supporting my friend and my mom so real life support! And it felt amazing!

Ok gotta go.



Julie said...

Paint balling is something I love also. I go 4-5 times each summer with my scouts and then Mike and some friends and I play even more. Yes it's a bit painful at times but it's worth it for the excitement of winning.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Princess Dieter said...

Hubby used to paintball. I may join him in future..a sort of "remember when, let's do it again". :D

Remember to update the weight when you get a chance, as this is the linked up post.

Glad you got to dance. VERY soul and body therapeutic, dancing is. :D

A good week to you and us all...later, lady!

upinthecosmos said...

Paint ball sounds fun! Sounds like you got some good exercise in:-)

Angela Pea said...

Come back! Tell us how the paintball thing worked out! I've always wanted to try it.

Is the job still treating you well? Inspiring 10 year olds and all?