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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Super Late CDCC Check In!

I'm not going to go off about how much I hate my internet right now, but let's just say I really hate my internet right now.

I finally have a window of working wifi so let's do a quick update

Current Weight: 210.2 lbs (+2 lbs)

Yeah, I'm not too happy that the little I lost came back again. I really got an eye opener this weekend and although it seems like I'm not doing much BECAUSE my wifi is gone I've actually been spending time doing some creative crafts I keep mentioning instead of procrastinating on facebook. LOL

Water was ok. I went on crazy hikes this weekend during the conference and I got to sweat (despite it raining all weekend)

My food was horrible. I ate three grilled sandwiches for lunch on Saturday and didn't stop there. In order to work on that I promised myself that I would NOT eat cafeteria food all week this week to see how that works.

I'm scanning the Spark right now for my book to help me create a couple of streaks.

I will take pictures of the cool project I made already .. when I have wifi! Gaahh!

Ok thanks for keeping me in this challenge. It was killing me that I couldn't update on Sunday or yesterday.

We'll meet again soon!



Princess Dieter said...

Thanks for updating!!!

Sorry for the gain. I know it really can weigh on a dieter to see that. Is there something going on that's making you hungrier? Or was it mindless eating? If it's hunger, or assertive appetite, maybe you need mroe satiating protein (eat protein FIRST, sip fluids a bit, then eat the rest of your food, just to get things going, mesages of satiety to the brain, maybe?)

Whatever it is, work through it. This will pass. You can be in Onederland by the New Year!!!!! Go for it!

Julie said...

A new week is going on and you will do just fine at your next weigh in. It's not always easy but it'll happen. Onederland is happening, I know it will.
Take care and God Bless!