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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gaaaaahh! I totally F*ed Up!

I have to admit right now that I totally messed up yesterday. First of all I missed out on that new Zumba class simply by lying in bed 'thinking' about going until it was too late. Then I started messing up with my diet when I got back from work. Something stupid had happened during the day, a small comment, a look I took the wrong way, I'm not even sure what it was.. but it made me go crazy when I got home. I ate.
and ate..
and ate until I couldn't stop.

I ate the pasta and meat I made for the family earlier that day (so far not bad since it ended up tasting pretty good and I used wheat pasta and no one noticed LOL).
But then the bad stuff started happening:

Yesterday was January 6th, and for anyone who knows January 6th is the Celebration of 'Los Reyes Magos' or the 'Day of the Three Kings'.. you know.. from the nativity sets in Christmas? Yeah.. Anyway so as part of the celebration instead of turkey for Turkey Day, you bring home a 'rosca' which is pretty much a giant roll of Mexican sweet bread. Inside is a lil toy baby, and the person who ends up with the slice with the baby is required to throw a party at some other point in time of the year.

What do you think was waiting for me at the dinner table last night?

My favorite part is the red and green.. mmm, mmm so sweet and sugary...

Not only did I get a big slice, I downed it with chocolate milk.
After that I ate cookies n cream icecream.
After that I ate three pieces of chocolate I got as a late X-mas present
After that I ate sweet tarts until I couldn't think any more.
And to top it all off.. I ended up getting seconds on the pasta AFTER I'd eaten everything else.

I knew what I was doing. I was mad. I was pissed. I did it anyway. Why was I so mad?
Besides the lil comment (that didn't mean anything really but left a mark in my brain), I tried going to the gym after work, before heading home.

It was packed.
I couldn't stand it!
I lasted 20 minutes and three weight training machines.
I hated the people there.
I hated the people hogging the cardio equipment I wanted.
I hated all the girls wearing pink.
I hated everybody.
I stormed back to the locker rooms and left.

I felt bad about it in the morning. I promised myself to make it better. And so far today it has been.

to be continued...

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