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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weigh In

I'm not very lively today. I don't feel like going into the gym today. I'm trying to figure out a work out I can do at home. If I end up doing nothing I promise I'll go in tonight. I promise.

Current Weight: 249 lbs (this is the weight I had on Sunday. I doubt there's been much change since then.. I hope)

Work out Achievement:
If the scale is correct then I managed to get rid of those pesky extra pounds and even able to shed an extra pound from the original weight. Not bad. Not bad.

Goal(s): Well mainly I need to keep going on the classes. I've had a change in my schedule and the Yoga class I planned to take is no longer an option. And as luck would have it, every other time there's a yoga class it clashes every time. The only chance I have is to take the yoga class right after the Zumba class on Wednesdays... and maybe change the Zumba class to some other time of the week. Hmmm.. we'll see. I also need to focus more energy on working my arms. My poor legs need a break. (But let me tell you they feel like steel right now. Oh yes. I should take the cycling class then I can get those sexy calves. LOL LOL LOL)

I need to look for other ways of having an efficient work out that doesn't require equipment. But at the same time I get the same/similar results.

We'll see my friends. We'll see.

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