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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you need a hug??

Today I got up early and rushed to the gym so I wouldn't miss the Zumba class. It seems the usual instructor is out or something because this is the second time a different instructor was in charge of the class. A guy this time. (It was a lady last week). He seemed to be around my age maybe a little younger.

He also seemed to be new, partly because he was wearing the "Zumba Instructor" shirt and matching fluorescent green pants that go with it (which I'm assuming is what they give them when they first start.. and they stop wearing as soon as they get comfortable enough to know they're not going to be chastised or something) and partly because he kept making little mistakes, and in the end didn't have enough time to cooldown everyone before the yoga class tried to bombard in.

What made me mad was that little by little people kept walking out of the class. I mainly noticed because I suddenly had a little bit more room to jump around in, and also the hot-shot tall blonde who was always in the front suddenly disappeared 15 minutes before the class ended. And I knew for a fact this girl thought herself 'the shit' because she seemed to be the teacher's pet of the original instructor.

I was happy to see an instructor who took care to actually talk to his class, wear pants that allowed me to see him and his moves (even while being in the back row) and had more fun moves than simply watching the instructor feel himself up. LOL.

In the end I felt sorry for Zumba boy and I truly and utterly regret not going up to him when I saw him walking to his car in the parking lot of 24. Especially since he seemed to have a face that showed 'frustration' and maybe a little 'embarrasement' and over all 'FAIL' stamped through his forehead.

The entire day I've been thinking about it. I wanted to go up to him. I wanted to tell him 'good job' and that I hoped he would take over the class. I wanted to hug him and tell him it would be alright. I wanted to at least pat him in the back and give him one of my better 'winning' smiles.

I hope he's ok..that Zumba instructor man. I hope he comes back.

Good job 'Zumba guy'. Good job.



Brandon McCloskey said...

Get a hold of the fitness manager and tell them the date and time you took the class and maybe have a note typed/written and ask him/her to give it to him! I'm sure every little bit helps :-)

Your good people Elina!!!

Margee said...

I hate when it's hard to see the instructors! For some reason our Zumba gear must be different, though. When my instructor wears hers, it's always black with some color lines along the leg.