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Monday, January 4, 2010

Weigh In

After a lot of procrastination I finally got my stuff together and headed to the gym today. I kept making excuses like "I left my mp3 player in my mom's car." or "I need to do my laundry first." But the main reason I took forever was because I was really worried about looking at the scale. I had eaten so much junk during my trip to Mexico like I said in my last post, that I was scared I'd gained 5 pounds or something.

The good thing though was that I finally got the chance to try on my new swimsuit
and it fit! Not only that but I also got asked where I'd bought it.. Yup, *brushes shoulder and sits back on her chair* I was totally the envy of the lil old ladies in the flowery bathing suits.. I felt cool.

Sadly I couldn't find my swimming goggles so I swam without them and now my eyes are blurry and slightly irritated and red. I still haven't told my family that I'm working out so I just hope they don't think I'm a pothead or something similar..

I'm currently contemplating the pro's and con's of telling them. I know in the long run it'll be better for me to do so, but not yet. Not yet.

After the gym I took a trip to Trader Joe's and Winco and bought myself $50 bucks worth of food (which wasn't that much food I'm sad to say) in order to keep better track of my health and stop myself from making excuses over eating food that I shouldn't.
"Well the only thing we have to drink is soda.. so soda it is!" or "Weeeell, my sister made brownies.. it'll look weird if I don't eat a little bit of it especially since this is what she made for dinner." Yeeeaah.. excuses, excuses.

So far up to a good start and I have good news as part of my Weigh In:

Current weight: (1/4/2010) 250 1/2 lbs (I was so thrilled at seeing this! Not only did I not gain any weight I actually lost 1/2 a pound so I was very relieved.)

Work Out Achievement: I was able to swim 15 laps. I was aiming for 10 laps but I was able to keep going a little bit more. I was happy.

Goal(s):I talked to a representative about joining a class. The one I'm aiming for is the 'Zumba' dance-aerobics class. I was told that I had to either sign up or simply get to the gym an hour early in order to assure myself a spot since that was a popular class and it was first come, first served. I was also recommended the cycling class and the yoga class. So my new goal would be to join a class or two and also get in contact with a trainer so I can finally get my 3 free sessions for joining 24.

Wish me luck everyone and I'll let you know how my new diet goes. Now off

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Margee said...

Whenever I got to the Zumba class, I show up maybe 10 min before. Which 24 would you take it at? I adore the class and would love a partner!