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Friday, January 1, 2010

Back from the Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

I just came back from my two week Holiday-family-road trip from Southern California to Monterrey Mexico and back.

I was worried about keeping up with exercise and diet during the trip and I can tell you right now that I did NOT follow through on being healthy very well this holiday season.
Especially when the only things we could afford were fast food on the drive, I was stuck in a car for five days collectively and then there was wonderful Mexican home cooking staring at me the entire time.

Things like:

This is a chocolate hazelnut and cream cheese frosting cake.. Oh my god!

On the upside I tried to be as active as possible whenever we went somewhere. Due to my earlier cardio warm up when I started power walking the treadmill at 24 for two weeks prior to the trip I was able to climb stairs and run around without getting winded. It was a great feeling.

I managed to sneak out of my uncles house once to jog around the neighborhood park and the other days I tried to use stairs instead of elevators and all that good stuff.

It was a beautiful experience. Monterrey MX is a gorgeous city, and I was able to see some very cool things.

(local waterfall.. gorgeous)

(Monterrey castle-made-museum)

I just got back from the Road trip the night of the 30th and I spent all of the 31st getting my house ready for the New Years Eve party.
I'm hoping to go back to the gym on Monday. I'm worried about what I'll see on the scale but it's a new year right? It's time to get back on the horse. LOL

I'll update soon.

Happy New Year everyone!
Let's have a great 2010~


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Margee said...

If you were good all the time, life wouldn't be much fun! I hope you had a fantastic new years eve and day!