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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Into It.

The week is over and it's time for me to make a full report on how my weeks progress has been. This is different from the Weigh In. These are my actual experiences.

Ok, well I said I was going to start going to the classes that are offered at the gym. I only managed to go to 2 of them. Pretty sad right? But I'm actually pretty glad I got to go to at least those couple because it gave me a good idea of how the classes work and I found I didn't hate them! LOL

1. Zumba class:
I woke up early on Wednesday and got there 20 minutes before the class started. I was told this class was very popular and that there might be a chance I wouldn't get in. When I walked up to the front desk they told me that I could just walk in there and that I wouldn't have a problem getting a spot.
Hmph. I took this information in and shrugged. Went off to the locker rooms. In the locker rooms I found two women I had chatted up very briefly on Monday while I waited for the pool to open up and heard them say they were planning on checking out 'that dance class that's about to start.'

I internally jumped up and down in glee because I admit I was pretty nervous and I knew I could probably follow them in to the class instead of awkwardly walking in myself; since I knew I would probably walk weirdly up, peer in and squint through the glass to see if there was anyone there, and then trip when I try to open the glass doors... So instead I waited until the lil posse' left the locker rooms and followed shyly behind them. I noticed the time and knew the class was about to start.

However, when we all got to the classroom in the back the lights were off. The group suddenly haltered and veered to the right to the rowing machines and decided to mingle there. I knew the doors shouldn't be locked so I passed the group and opened the doors. Sure enough there was a nice group of people in there already, stretching and looking like athletes.

Note to the wise: Do NOT make eye contact with me and smile if you see me standing at a doorway looking lost as hell because I WILL latch on to you like a mussel to a rock during low tide. (liked my lil marine bio joke there? Yeah, I'm a dork. Wanna do somethin' of it?)

As you may have guessed a nice slightly middle-aged looking woman in the back saw me and smiled. I instantly smiled back and all the nerves seemed to have melted away for me as I proudly glided toward her and chatted her up. LOL. My smile must have captivated her because she gladly talked to me about the class and where I should store my water and towel, about how the class is fun and fast paced but that the instructor doesn't talk very much during the class so to expect to simply go with the flow.
She assured me that although she had taken the class a couple of times prior she still didn't know what she was doing and that was why she stuck with the back row. We talked about my time in the Bay Area and told me she grew up there.

Before we could talk more (and I had realized that the classroom was suddenly much more packed and sure enough the group of ladies I had followed to the front doors had actually followed ME to the back row.. I grinned at them briefly) the instructor came in. He was a young guy around my age and height. He seemed very in to himself and I had already been warned that although he didn't talk much it was fun watching him dance around because you "could tell he thought he was 'all that and a bag of chips.'" LOL.
Once the class started I was very glad I had gotten warning about it because there was instant movement and absolutely no instruction. The lights were kept off the entire time and I wasn't wearing my glasses. It was a little frustrating until I found a woman in the front row with bright yellow pants and followed her. I very rarely had a good enough view to actually see the instructor. I found myself thinking that 'next time' I'll have to stand closer to the front. I then started laughing at myself when I realized I was already talking about 'next time.' LOL

In the end I enjoyed it and the moves weren't very different from things I had already experimented on a club or bedroom dance floor. LOL. The best part was the lady I chatted up telling me at a small break during the class, "You see, it's your first day and you've already gotten it down." I decided not to tell her that "latina rhythm runs through my genes" but you can believe I thought of it. hehehe.

After the class ended I deemed it a success and went on my way

2. Camp 24:
They call this class the "24 Hour Boot Camp". I told them "I've been in JROTC." I laugh at my response now. Then I stop because my legs and ribs scream in agony when I do. LOL.

I was late to this class. I had trouble getting out of the house in the morning and by the time I changed and ran to the classroom the group had already started. There was no trouble following directions this time. The super ripped and very tanned, white haired trainer was very good at keeping us moving non stop with her headset that seemed like it was a part of her head.

I ended up running, doing jumping jacks, punches, upper cuts and hooks. I kicked. I squatted. I did push ups and stretches. Then I did it all again with weights.
I didn't know you needed weights for this class (let alone a mat at the end) but luckily the spot I had run to was right next to the weight rack. The only light weights left were 8lbs and up. I hadn't worked with dumbbells in a year. I can tell you right now the burn in my arms sometimes weren't bearable. I had to set them down a couple of times.

The instructor was very good at showing us good form. The spot I had picked was half way and there was enough space for me to get a good look at the front row and the teacher. Thank goodness.

There were so many ripped people there (all women btw) I admit I had some trouble looking at myself in the mirror.. simply because it was so simple to distinguish myself from the ladies around me.
Do you think that discouraged me? On the contrary! Little by little I started burning with such determination that I swore to myself that I would NEVER miss this class if I could help it. "I'll show them" kind of attitude.

After the class ended I could already feel the effect through my entire body. I looked on in horror as some of the women from the class went straight to the crunch and weight machines. I couldn't believe it. "Haven't you had enough?!?" I wanted to scream. I instead shook my head and headed to the lockers.

Besides those two classes I have been tightening my new found relationship with the elliptical and treadmill machines. I have to remind myself that I'm also training myself on endurance besides weight loss.
Today I was able to have the best work out on those two machines combined. I was able to burn 280 calories in 30 minutes using the treadmill. Anyone who has used one knows it's not that easy to get to that number in that short a time.. power walking. lol. So that was good.

In the end my friends I was very glad to start taking these classes. I think I really need them so that I can have some sort of guidance as I try to better myself and my situation. I know for a fact that once this high I'm on starts going down that I will make excuses to lose momentum, half ass my work outs and cheat on my diet. I'm not saying I'm planning these things. I just know I need to be realistic. Acknowledge and then try to prevent those things from happening. These classes are going to help a ton!

(yes I took this picture, today, in my room, just for this blog post. lol)

I want to thank everyone who has chatted me, emailed me, commented to me, facebook walled me and have encouraged me so far as I slowly move toward my goals. I can't stress enough how knowing you're there supporting me has helped me keep this up so far. I take you with me wherever I go and your hands hold me up as I try to walk and look straight ahead.
Thank you!

For those of you that are reading this and have not contacted me yet. Please don't be shy. I'd love to hear from you. You are my crack. Please don't hold out on me. LOL LOL LOL.

Love you all.



Margee said...

ONLY 2 classes?! I rarely make 2 classes in a week! I'm glad you liked zumba. I adore it. Which class did you go to?

Brandon McCloskey said...

Good Job Elina!!! :-) Keep up the good work!

w0rld4vamps said...

Thanks you two! I go to a class in the mornings. I checked the schedule for this following week and it looks like the instructor is going to be a woman from now on? Hmm.. the class starts at 8:30 a.m... since I currently only work afternoon/evenings work outs are in the morning. Which is good because it forces me to get up! lol
rock on Margee. I miss dancing with you.

Anonymous said...

"For those of you that are reading this and have not contacted me yet. Please don't be shy. I'd love to hear from you."

Well, if you say so! :D

Yay, Elina! That's that. :)

Elenor's blog said...

Hi Elina, I like your blog! I remember when I started at the gym, I felt like everyone was watching me and I stood out like a sore thumb. Turns out now that I think about it, nobody was that interested in me. I made it a part of my life to work out at least 3x a week...I decided that over 10 years ago and now that I'm reaching my 40's I'm very happy I put in the work!

I hope you keep it up... you already look like you've lost weight since the last time I saw you at Mills. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you to keep going! A friend of mine once told me that if you think about going to the gym and get dressed then you['re almost half way there! So just remember that when you're tired and don't want to go... It gets easier, I promise! Now I love going to the gym because I feel so good when I get out! My mood has changed and I have way more energy.. you'll see!!! =) Have a great day and keep up the good work!

Margee said...

So I just realized that I don't get follow up emails when I comment here. So I haven't been seening your responses. Boo! Is the Church St Castro)gym at all accessible to you? They have an OK zumba class, but the one I really like is the Ocean St one on ... Thursdays? It's late, which I don't like, but the instructor is AMAZING!! Interested?