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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Swimming Like a Guppie!

I just wanted to write about what happened at the gym today. hehehe..

So this morning I was lazy and I was wondering whether or not it was worth it to get out of bed put on my unitard and swim some laps. It took me a while and after some musical inspiration and some breakfast, I made my way to the gym.

Sadly the second I got there and changed I realized I'd come during a pool aerobics class. I ended up hanging out by the hot tub waiting for the class to end and having light chit chat with some old ladies there.

Once the class ended I got in and shared a lane with a flying shark of a girl, and across the lane from an old lady who looked like she was on a mission. I told myself I was on a mission to swim 20 laps (and I'm talking about real laps here not the whole 'one end of the pool "1!" other end of the pool "2!"'.. It was front and back "1" )

I spent the first 10 laps kind of going back and forth with different strokes and wasting time taking 'breaks' after each lap *shakes head while laughing*. That is until I realized the old lady next to me (not a size two by any means) was not only going faster than me she wasn't taking any 'breaks'. I finally told myself to stop messing around and I finished the last ten laps non stop doing a funky back stroke. Once I finished I felt tired as hell but happy as well.

I went off to the showers to do something about my hair and worry about my eyes again since I don't have goggles yet. When I got out of the shower I encountered 'old lady' again.

She started talking to me and giving me pointers about my form. Apparently I need to raise my hips and stop swimming "uphill". I also need to work on my arm position and buy some goggles. LOL. I was actually glad to get some pointers but I admit I was a little weirded out that I was being checked out while the whole time in my head all I kept saying (besides trying my best to keep track on what number I was on) over and over was simply "keep going, keep going, watch that arm, keep going, keep going".

She told me that I needed to hurry up and invest in goggles and she let me try on hers. We talked about drills, the benefits of having my eyebrow piercing, and how my current job doesn't doesn't make a living. We talked about how the 24 Hour over in Corona was re-tiling their pool so she was happy to see me. All of this while we were both half naked with towels on the entrance to the showers. LOL LOL LOL

The best part of everything was her opening line, "You had quite a work out today didn't you?"
That totally made my day. LOL.

Thank you Sandy aka 'old lady'.

Ok now I'm off to work!



justjacqueline said...

congrats on the laps elina! your post makes me want to jump in the pool too!

Anonymous said...

rock on Jackie!