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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My New Steps

In order to attempt to fix my 'falling off the horse' last night (please read previous post) I decided that today was going to be different.

I had gotten a call yesterday from 24 with an appointment at 9a.m to see a Personal Trainer. I had been putting this off, simply because I was scared. Why was I scared? I don't know I just was. So this morning I couldn't sleep worried that I'd oversleep and miss my appointment. I didn't.

While I was driving to the gym I was hoping I'd get to work with the super buff old lady I saw two days prior. She seemed safe and aproachable and I didn't know what to expect from a work out with a trainer. That and I was intimidated by all the buff guy trainers with the super cool tattoos showing from their tight red, collared shirts. Sure they all seemed nice and one kept smiling at me whenever he saw me on the 'mill (or so I like to tell myself), but I was nervous. And that young lady trainer with the short hair cut and big eyes scared me even more. Reminded me of my first days at Mills... LOL.

However when I got there I found out my appointment was with 'Joe' the trainer manager. Yeah I said it, I had a date with the guy in charge.. LOL.. ok so it wasn't like that but that's how it felt when I was introduced to him.
Surprise, surprise I quickly found out that those three 'free' sessions that I was supposed to receive were no longer free but 'at a discounted price'. I leveled with the fellow and told him I can't afford gas let alone three sessions with a trainer. He was nice about it though and asked me all the questions he needed to figure out what I needed to do to reach my weight loss goals.

I got my Body Fat Index (which was about 42.9%..anything above 38% is considered 'unhealthy' aka obese)
He jotted down my current weight and figured out that my body is holding 107 lbs of fat alone.
Knowing that you're fat and getting a specific number of how fat you are are two very different things. That information came as a blow to the gut for me. I mean WOW. There's like a whole other person inside from all that fat. Geez..
Since I couldn't get a trainer he gave me pointers on what I could do with the gym to help me:

He told me that weight training machines weren't the best for me.
That dumbbells would be better but that by not using them properly one arm will become stronger than the other etc etc..
..and that in reality I needed to focus more on cardio but put in some weight training because weight training burns more fat/calories in the end.
He told me to take advantage of their classes and actually gave me a schedule of which classes he recommended. We sat down and made a schedule for the week.
He showed me how to use the elliptical machine and told me to use that one more than the treadmill because the 'mill will kill my already-sensitive-knees.

The Elliptical Machine

He advised me to start using a multi-vitamin and suggested I start using that powder stuff to make shakes, in order to replace a shake for a meal.
He walked me over and told me which brands were best.

In the end I spent about an hour with him going over my options. I felt a ton better even though I didn't get to train with him like I first thought. In the end I didn't have much time left to dedicate to the gym but I changed anyway and tried out the elliptical.

That thing kicked. my. ass. In 30 minutes. LOL

Once I got home I made myself a light lunch and took a break. The weight machines from the night before had taken affect so my abs and shoulders are currently a bit sore.

On the streak of self satisfaction and making goals for myself, on a whim I grabbed the house phone and called Kaiser. After talking to a guy from Preventitive Medicine I am now set to go to a 2 hour nutrition class tomorrow morning.

Do I rock or what? LOL.. ok not really, but I do feel better.

It goes to show that my little tantrum last night wasn't the end of the world.. and the faster I get back on it the less time I have to think about giving up.

I'm really hoping this kind of motivation keeps me up. I also hope that the other sections of my life will improve with my new mindset.

Wish me luck amigos!
-w0rld <3


Margee said...

Good luck! Sounds like you got some awesome advice from Joe!

Jen said...

Yes! You rock! I hope you enjoy your nutrition class, the one I took this past quarter was the best thing I could've done in my life. Good luck =)

w0rld4vamps said...

Thank you, thank you *does the Princess on a float and a tiara wave* lol.. but really it really does make me feel like I accomplished something. Thank you both.

And Happy Birthday Margee! Just know that I'm saluting you right now with my bottle of water while on the elliptical (LOL, LOL, LOL) I hope you spend it doing something so exciting that you'll never forget it.. EVARR!
-e <3