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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quick Happy Post!

I wanted to do a quick update before everything that's happened this week. I'm in a good mood right now, although I've spent most of the day indoors not doing much.

Today I feel loved. Being able to hang out with friends and family and really laugh; I mean REALLY laugh, has been able to change my mood around so much. It is definitely true that laughs and daily hugs are essential to ones health. I feel so good right now.

Not to say that I haven't had my hiccups this week. I haven't been able to work out longer than 30 minutes since Wednesday, and last night, although I had great fun getting reacquainted with friends, I ate soooo much I felt guilty not going straight to the gym that night (even though it was already 11pm... lol). I've also been eating chocolate this whole week so I hope I haven't ruined any slimmer of progress I might have started. Eeeek!

Today was my free day. No gym.. and I promised myself no internal self-guilt tripping. I made myself a green tea latte'.. and I'm going to try to resist the coffee shops from now on. Making bookstores your hang outs really isn't good for the pocket book either. LOL

But anyway, updates!

I bought myself a 'Fitness Journal' which is similar to a Weight Watchers point counter booklets where you write down the food you eat and tally the calories and etc. You also write the exercises you do each day. I had started my own journal a week ago but this one is so convenient, so I splurged and bought it. LOL.

Yesterday I also took advantage of a Kaiser Preventative Medicine class: Preventing Diabetes/Nutrition class. It was pretty rad. I had taken similar classes before but I definitely learned a few new tricks on portion control and digestion. It also gave me a refresher on a lot of general Bio that I was appalled to realize I'd almost forgotten. I need to go back to school already.

But anyway, since I liked the class so much I signed myself up for another class later this month. It's called Fitness and Weight Management and it's a prerequisite to an entire Wellness class series.
Anyone who knows me knows I love the word 'Wellness'. LOL

I think my mother is suspicious because I told her about the classes. She also seemed slightly annoyed that I hadn't included her in my plans to take it. I'm worried about what her reaction will be when she realizes I joined a gym. I'm worried she'll take it negatively. I suppose she will since technically I have been lying to her. Hmm.. I don't want to lose my high so I'll stop there.

Besides exercise and diet I have come to recognize that I also need to focus on my self image and self esteem. Being comfortable with myself is as important as the rest of the whole regime. Being able to look in the mirror and be comfortable and smile at what I see. I can't be negative throughout this venture. I need to be positive.

To do so I look to music to encourage a good mood! Music is soo influential and right now I'm going on a Madonna rampage! LOL LOL..

so I will leave you all with one of my new favorite songs

Enjoy and in the words of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; "Be excellent to each other dudes!"

-w0rld <3


Jen said...

This is so awesome! I'm so proud, I love your attitude and the way that you're approaching this. Every day is one step closer to reaching your goals :)

Brandon McCloskey said...

I'm proud of you Elina. And yes laughter is a major key to life it lifts your spirits and puts you in a good place. Since you and now Jess have left the center my at least twice a week good time laugh session is gone. I have to find other things to make me laugh. Keep on keeping on!! Your doing great and I have great faith in you!