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Saturday, February 6, 2010

February means: New Beginnings

So ever since I finally fessed up to my mom about my plans not much has changed. And yet many things have. Let me explain:

I told my mom and it didn't seem to change anything. She went on living her life and I mine. The only differences now are that I'm less worried about explaining where I'm going in the morning and I don't feel weird popping in a Zumba work-out video in the living room (which I did last week. LOL). However the timing in which I did it has set up something new.

It's February. I can't freaken' believe it. I checked my weight for the start of the month and I had gained weight again. This Friday (yesterday) was the day I had to re-check my BMI with the training manager at the gym. I was a little worried and a little excited. I got there early on purpose so I could work out while I waited for him to finish his training with another girl.

I kept track of him. The girl was a big girl but she was very pretty and very flirty.. I wasn't ashamed to say I was having fun seeing her flirt with him and seeing him being not-too-unresponsive. When my appointment time came up I had lost him, and I found him preaching to the other girl what he did to me: trying to convince her to buy the gym's multi-vitamins and powder shakes.

I waited. When he finally came over he didn't seem as friendly to me as last time. I brushed it off and we went to his desk. He told me to run over to the women's locker room to weigh myself while he found my paperwork because I needed to know my weight to do the hand held test.

(I have no idea how these things work simply by holding them in front of you. If someone knows please tell me because I am at a loss)

He couldn't find my paperwork after I came back and asked me if I remembered what my BMI was before. I told him I wasn't sure but somewhere in the 40's. He started at that and instantly said 'That's bad.' I was a little upset over this and in my mind I was replying "Well, no shit Sherlock. I know I'm fat and obese. Why the hell do you think I'm here?" but I was nice and simply said "I know."

I told him my weight and he asked if I had lost anything. I said no. I had gained 3 lbs since the last time I saw him. He gave me this look and asked me how my diet was going. I admitted it hadn't changed drastically. He told me that diet is 70% of it and that I needed to work on that. Again the little devil in my shoulder was saying sarcastically "Well hey now! I never knew that~!" but I knew he was right so I didn't say anything.

After the machine posted my BMI he looked at it and shook his head. We sat down and said "This number isn't good. *pause* Go on a diet."
"That simple huh?"
"Well yeah. Like I said it's 70% of the game and if you're working out you shouldn't be gaining weight."

All these things made sense to me but I was still a little ticked off at the attitude he was giving me. He seemed in a hurry to get rid of me so to be stubborn and moody I stayed in his seat for a second or two afterwards and then asked him to write down the number so I could remember it for next time.

As I walked away I tried to calm down and stop being upset. It wasn't his fault I had gained weight and making a fuss (inwards or otherwise) wasn't going to change the fact that I haven't had results yet. The fact that I didn't know my previous BMI results didn't help either since I was secretly hoping that at least THAT number would change and be lower.

After some time passed, and I didn't feel like punching something, I looked up my old BMI % on one of my old blog posts. I was thrilled to see that infact it HAD gone down from last time. That gave me momentum.

I promised myself that this month would be better. Harder but better. I am no longer a newbie and it's time to take new steps on this journey of mine. I know I can 'work out' now. I know how many calories I normally eat a day (thanks to Spark People) and I knew that although I hadn't lost weight the work I've put has shown results (even if they're very small).

So what did I do? I made new gadgets on the side of this blog that tracks my monthly weight and my BMI (which I will check every 4 weeks with Mr. Big Shot lol)------------------------------------>>>>

I am starting a stricter diet.

I have been wearing my new fancy schmancy pedometer every day and I have jotting down my steps and calories from it.

I have joined a SP group called the "C-2-5k: Running for Beginners!" which is a community for people who will go through this regimen of going from the 'couch' to running a 5k in 9 weeks.

The awesome thing about this is that I found this fantastic website called Podrunner where you can download a music mix that is made specifically for people who want to run. You simply follow the pace of the music and it speeds up and downgrades on it's own. It's completely amazing! All you have to d0 is download their podcast and download the mix into your mp-3 player and boom! You got it made.

~~Let's Do It!! ~~

I was so excited you have no idea. I downloaded the podcast last night and hope to be able to use my new music soon. I just hope my cheap-o mp-3 player will upload the mix. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

So in the end what goes down must come up and I'm ready for my incline!

I want to thank you again for reading this. Your comments and simply knowing you've kept up with me this far has helped me sooo much. You seriously have no idea.

Thank you and wish me luck friends!


Jen said...

Good for you love! I'm so proud of you!! :)

Margee said...

The couch to 5k is a great program, I hear. I actually just DLed a podcast for the program. It's my goal to do it after I feel completely better. I could be a runner! Which is a crazy concept.