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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I found my measuring tape

Yesterday morning I accidentally found my measuring tape. I had thought I lost it and was pretty bummed out about it. But once I found it I instantly measured myself... and my face fell slightly.

I'm at the same measurements I was the last time I measured myself. (I don't remember when I measured myself last but it must have been last fall some time). But I quickly disregarded that and focused on how happy I was that I found my measuring tape.

Now I have something else to keep track of right? I was slightly surprised to find that my calves are now 1 inch bigger than they were in my last year at Mills. "So that's what all the power walking, jogging and ellipt-ing has gone to. Figures."

One thing that I found absolutely amazing however is the real difference proper posture and standing-up-straight can do to measurements. I'm a sloucher. Always have been. My posture has been horrible for years. Recently I've been trying to pay attention to my posture and trying to keep that reminder to fix it every time I'm in public (and even when I'm not). You can sometimes hear me muttering to myself going 'keep your back straight, keep your back straight' if you strain your ears enough while you're next to me. LOL

So I decided to compare measurements when I'm in my natural slouched state and standing up straight (this doesn't mean 'sucking the gut in' it just means un-curbing my back.... and yes this is what I do with my free time).
Hip Measurement:
Before(slouch): 53"
After (straight):52"

Waist Measurement:
Before: 48"
After: 45"

Chest/Bust Measurement:
Before: 51"
After: 51"

I was truly amazed at the difference. I also recently found out I'm actually 5'6" when I stand straight and 5'5.5" when I naturally slouch.. I had no freaken idea! *feels tall*

Truly amazing.. The power of good posture. Not to mention less back pain.

No more of this for me!


The power of measuring tape~

have a great weekend!

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