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Monday, February 15, 2010

Weigh In

Current Weight: 251 lbs (ok so I'm finally back to my original weight (again) so now it's time to keep moving.. keep rolling.. and not let it get ANY higher than this again right? RIGHT!)

Work Out Achievement(s): I didn't really have any good work out achievements until this evening. I was even planning on skipping the gym all together all day. But I decided to go to the book store and ended up spending 2 hours reading a job-hunters guide book

What Color is YOUR Parachute??? It's a flower now by the way.. no more colorful Parachutes.. :(

and well I felt empowered and capable and finally decided that I HAD to go to the gym. I had an urge to jog anyway so why not do it? So I did. I set the treadmill to a 5k (I didn't even know how long a 5k was so I wanted to see) and I put up a nice incline and I started.

I stupidly deleted all the music from my cheap-o mp3 player trying to add in the C-2-5k podcast music mix and the file didn't even load. So I decided to simply plug my headphones to CSI or whatever Crime series was on in the TV's, closed my eyes, and started working. After a bit I realized that the guy next to me and I were going at the same speed or something because our feet had the same cadence. I used that cadence to push myself and jog continuously. I was finally able to finish a mile in under 16 minutes. Which is a big deal for me.

That little victory kept me going to finish the 5k. I finished it in 50 minutes. I now have a record to break. I'm pretty excited about it. I wouldn't have done it if I had listened to my earlier whines about how "I don't wanna.. I'm not even losing weight and after all the candy I ate on Sunday who gives a shit.." so I'm glad that annoying voice got out voted because now I feel pumped (and tired as well. lol)

Current Goal(s): Well I'm continuing my goals to stay away from juices and fruit drinks and stick with milk, water and tea ( I would say black coffee but I don't drink coffee so it's not considered). So far it's going fine. I have been able to only catch the Zumba class in the mornings, since I'm starting to go to the gym at night now and Zumba is the main one I like (gotta love dancing). I haven't been swimming in two weeks either and I found my goggles (squee~) so I'm definitely going to be hitting the pool this week. Other than that I now have a record to break on the 5k so let's keep moving!

I hope this long weekend was good for everyone. I couldn't wait for it to end and I'm glad it did because now I feel great.

Let's do it!


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