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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weigh In

I'm going to be out for the day tomorrow (Monday) so I decided it would be good to write in my Weigh In a little early so I don't go behind schedule. lol

Current Weight: 250 lbs (this is according to the bathroom scale and not the regular one I look at in the ladies locker room at the gym so once I get a chance to go back I'll check there)

Work Out Achievement(s): Well let's see. I admit right now I missed the gym twice this week. I walked my dogs one of the days but I doubt 30 minutes of strolling around the neighborhood and being dragged by two dogs counts as much as a work out but I'll take the little I was able to get. lol

something like this.. I suppose my arms might be building muscle simply trying to hold back my dog from eating a guy on his bike or something

But besides that I am happy to report that I was able to jog a mile in 15min30seconds on Tuesday. That's my fastest yet. I need to amp up my speed on the treadmill to 5.0mph. Looking at the cadence I was keeping with the guy next to me and seeing that he was doing 5mph I think I could do it too (if for a limited time. lol). I have also gone to the gym near midnight twice simply trying to avoid not going at all. So I haven't given up yet.

Current Goal(s): Right now my main goal is to stick close to my diet. I've been eating a bit of junk food this weekend and it's not good. I've been doing good in my "no juice" plan. If I were religious I'd almost say it looks like I've given it up for lent. lol. I've also been eating more fish so that's made me happy. My goal is to start drinking more water. This week I need to find out exactly how much water I need to drink a day, then find a container that can hold that much water, and of course make sure I finish that container daily. Other than that I need to make sure I make it to the gym. It's not helping that I've discovered Netflix and with it all four seasons of 'Heroes'.

This is a popular cable series about local people who discover powers. It's pretty much a super hero drama. Kind of dark.. and verrrry addicting.

I've literally been watching episode after episode hour after hour day after day straight. I've stayed up over 12 hours one day just watching this series. It's one of my obsessive qualities coming out. Once I finish the series I'll be back to normal. But I HAVE to finish it. I can't stop. I'm almost getting impatient with it now because I'm still half way through the third season and I still have the fourth season to go. .. and no I can't just stop watching them. It's a quirk. I have to finish what I start. It'll pass I promise.

Anyway once I finish this series I will be back to normal and hopefully be able to pay more close attention to my surroundings. My goal is to not forget my work, plans, diet and exercise because of it.

Have a good week everyone. I will keep fighting! I will succeed! Hiro Nakamura's strength and enthusiasm for the role of the 'hero' is with me!

Give me strength and make me smile Hiro! (If you don't know what I'm talking about don't sweat it. Just know this guy freaken rocks and that I love his character. :) )



Anonymous said...

Supermarkets sell plastic jugs with handles that are marked to hold 8 glasses of water. I found mind in the aisle with straws and plastic cups. Because it's so handy (I keep it next to the computer), I drink two full bottles a day (16 glasses). Otherwise I find it hard to remember to keep getting up and refilling a normal sized glass 8 times.

w0rld4vamps said...

That's awesome! That's also perfect. I have a good idea what you're talking about. Time to go shopping.. I need a tent too.. but that's a whole other story. LOL