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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Weigh In

Welcome to December!

Honestly I couldn't believe it. November went by WAY too fast. Too too fast. But I can definitely feel December now *shiver*.

So I said I'd reveal the Thanksgiving damage today so here goes:

Current Weight: 226 lbs (It kind of answers the question of whether or not it's possible to gain 10 lbs in 10 days [pssst* the answer is YES])

Ok, so I KNEW that I would be gaining weight last week. Like I mentioned already I was eating like there was no tomorrow the entire week I was home but when I finally bit my lip and stepped on that scale the number shook me.

I couldn't really say I became upset (I'm upset now the more I think about it but..) I instead became resigned and said to myself:
"Damn. This isn't a time to go to pieces Elina. The question you have to ask yourself now is 'why did I do it?'"

I'm not expecting an answer straight away but it is something I have to search within myself.

Why do I go back to my old binging habits the second I go home
? (because this is becoming a trend you see. Every time I spend time at home I eat like crazy and gain weight.)

What am I feeling exactly when I stick something in my mouth? It's not hunger.

How can I change that? Big question.

I'm working on the answers.

Now to counter what I did last week I've since then returned to my workout routine (and a semi-portioned controlled, veggie and fruit filled diet) and have actually started adding something new, partly to make up for my laziness at home and partly because I think it's time to challenge myself further.

I've started lightly jogging in the morning.

It's not anything big. I do enough cardio every night with swimming. I'm taking it easy on the jog. It's actually somewhere between a power-walk and a jog. I call it a 'trot'. Why? Because that's what I look like when I look at my shadow (LOL) and also that is a pace I can easily keep up with without getting winded too quickly. If I start to jog or run full on I get tired easily and stop. It usually ends up with me walking 3/4 of the way.

I have a plan! Just like I did with swimming where I added a lap every night, with jogging I've planned that every day I will go a little further. What rocks about this is that because this little village is pretty much a stretch of highway with buildings on either side there are markers already set every few feet along the road! All I have to do is go one marker further every day. I expect to get to a mile in no time. I also have buildings and etc as markers. This is going to be fun. :)

Now the question you might be asking is "Why so much cardio Elina? You just said you do enough already? Why this?"

This has more to do with endurance training than anything else. I need to condition myself not only physically but also mentally. I'm slowly realizing that the whole idea of "just one more, just one more" is not only working with my work outs but is also helping me with my HUGE procrastination problem.

If procrastinating were a sport I'd have a gold medal. I'm learning that this blog, the routines I'm doing and the mindset I'm forcing myself to have are really helping me in every day life.

I've noticed that now whenever I think, "Meh, I'll do it later" a voice inside of me almost instantly and strongly cuts in saying, "NO. You need to do this NOW."

That voice is the same voice that encourages me to do just 'one more lap' or jog 'a few more feet'.

It's a voice that had been silenced for years. I'm glad to hear it so much stronger now and to encourage it I'm starting the jogging routine in the mornings. (Jogging also warms me up for the day since our little trailer doesn't have heat so yeah *brrr*)

I guess one really finds opportunity after owning to our mistakes eh?

I will keep you posted as this new project continues.

Happy December everyone!



zombiekim said...

I can definitely relate to the double voices. "But I don't WANT to do my homework..." "Well, too bad, Kim. You're doing it or else!" I'm never sure what that "or else" could be. I'll send myself to my room?
Good luck with your cardio endeavors! I am thoroughly impressed with your feats.

midlife_swimmer said...

I think of my weight loss journey and my change in lifestyle from here on out its own endurance event...

So with your mentality you can transfer it not only to your working out and exercise but your eating also....

w0rld4vamps said...

yes food and endurance. That's a good point... That's a good point.