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Friday, December 17, 2010

**My One Year BLOG-Aversary!** PART 2~

Welcome Back to my One Year "Blog-Aversary"!

I'll be posting different updates throughout the weekend to celebrate this threshold. Part 1 was simply the introduction!

Part 2 will focus on: Abilities!

Talking about looks and measurements is only part of the game. I can't deny or ignore the other, more valuable changes this journey has created. Let's start listing the Top 10:

1. I am now able and more than willing to jog over 2 miles without stopping or tiring (when before I would stop after 30 seconds of a sloppy sprint)

2. I am able to swim a lap a minute when before I couldn't even hold my breath correctly going across the pool.

3. I can climb hills and stairs with more ease (and hopefully grace)

4. I have introduced myself to cooking and

5. Have found that I like cooking with vegetables. The more color in the dish the better!

6. My procrastination has subsided. I am now more able and less moody when it comes to getting things done, whether it be going for a jog or even doing the dishes.

7. I now feel more comfortable wearing short sleeve shirts, sleeve-less shirts, and dresses when before it was always sleeves, sweaters and pants.

8. I can FEEL and SEE my muscles and I KNOW I worked to get them and deserve to have them.

9. My health has improved. My skin is better and my hormone imbalance symptoms seem to be less. That means less use for medication and less time worrying about what the *** my body is up to to screw me over.

10. I feel inspired, proud, and energetic when people notice what I'm doing and tell me I inspire Them...and then I see them act upon that inspiration. That's the best. :)

11*. My confidence and happiness has boosted. It's miles away from what it was this time last year. I still have a lot to improve upon and more confidence to grow but for now I feel good.

Stay Tuned for Part 3!

If you missed it here is Part 1!



Jayden said...

So awesome!

Christine said...

great job! Keep up the good work..here is to a brand new year.