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Friday, December 17, 2010

**My One Year BLOG-Aversary!** PART 3~

Again, Welcome back to my One Year "Blog-Aversary!"

This is the big one and my favorite (and the hardest to do not because of shy-ness but because the desert in the middle-of-nowhere has the crappiest online connection)..


First of all the mandatory shots of me now that I've lost over 40 lbs:

My co-worker took this pic and caught me making funny faces

and the side view:

Now let's step back and take a look of me a year ago:

December 2009 right after I started this blog

and now December 17, 2010 44 lbs lighter

I can't deny the difference.

I think it mainly shows in my face. My cheeks have deflated a little. LOL
And this is only the beginning.

Thank you for being a part of my journey so far and thank you for celebrating my One Year Blog-Aversary with me!

It's time to continue this journey!


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Blubeari said...

You should definitely do the dancing videos!! They sound fun. :-)