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Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm sore/ sexy

I've been working pretty hard this week.

I've been eating right (for the most part) and swimming every night. My job itself has also been physically taxing (though not as much as before) and I've continued my 'trots' in the morning.

I'm sore.

My arms are sore. That probably has to do with the switch I've made to doing half my laps freestyle and half my laps breast stroke.

Breast stroke works my body in different ways. I can feel my muscles moving when I'm doing that stroke. From my neck to my feet. It was actually difficult to move that way in the beginning, especially when I was trying to move faster and continuously, but now it's getting easier and more smooth. I enjoy it more now which is good since that's my favorite stroke.

My neck is sore. The main culprit for that is the laps and laps of freestyle I've been doing. Cutting it up and doing 5 laps of freestyle and 5 laps of breast stroke has been helping. Though I still wish a cute masseur would come to my place and help out my neck.

My legs are VERY sore. No question here the combination of swimming, hiking and jogging is catching up to me. The difference in terrain in all three is keeping my legs guessing and giving them a work out so much so that they're screaming in agony.

The only thing that isn't sore are my abs. Which just means I need to work my core more.

But do not worry. The soreness isn't severe. It's just there whenever I stretch. It's like a reminder that I have muscles and that they're being worked more now than ever.

Will I get ripped? LOL I doubt it. Not yet. But hopefully they'll get toned.

I like to think that beneath all this flab is a toned and sexy body and my careful and controlled diet and work-out routines are my tools to cut away the fat and leave behind the sexy.

Don't you want to think so? I do.

The Spark has a section in it's pages about what words, phrases or images people use as motivators. I remember one specifically that I thought was funny and a little embarrasing. One woman said, "A bikini! A bikini before I die!"

Lately I've been thinking more about that phrase. It makes more sense to me now. Why shouldn't I wish to have a body who would look good in a bikini? Why shouldn't I want to work toward looking better? Feeling comfortable with myself and my body instead of hiding it with baggy clothing and layers.. and I also started realizing I've been saying my own phrase, "Catwoman suit! I want to wear a catwoman suit!"

A full body cat suit.

Usually black, skin tight, and let's face it pretty freaken hot. I've always liked the idea of having a body that can support that suit, not to mention Catwoman is my hero. (No really!)

I've always dreamt of wearing one. But that's where I kept that idea, in my dreams. Because I KNEW it would NEVER happen. I mean, look at me, who would want to see me in a catwoman suit? The image itself was disgusting to me.

But now? Now I have hope. Now I see that maybe I can get there. Maybe I CAN work towards a body that can wear a suit. I'm not saying I want to be a size 0. I know that's not realistic. But curves. I want curves. The RIGHT curves. Is that too much to ask for? I no longer think it is. I think it IS possible.

It'll take time. I'll have set backs like this years Thanksgiving, plateaus, maybe even depression. But right now I think I can do it. That's what matters.




Jen said...

You can do it! & set backs are normal, and it's normal to even get a little discouraged after they happen, but just think back and look at everything you've accomplished so far, and that feeling that you get when you see and feel your body changing, that should remind you that it IS possible <3

midlife_swimmer said...

Your neck should not be hurting from freestyle so I am sending my favorite breathing technique video from u-tube


my FAV!!!!! AB work out for the pool