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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Late Weigh In

Hello Everyone. Sorry it's late. Here it is:

Current Weight: 209.8 lbs (yup that's what it said yesterday morning)

Work Out Achievement(s): So I was hoping I wouldn't gain anymore but I'm not surprised at this number I'm just glad it wasn't 210 ( I know, it's incredibly close but it's not 210 and that's what I'm going to keep telling myself). I've come up with a plan.

I've decided, since this is my last month working out in the desert and my last month having access to the pool, that I'm going to go out with a BANG.

I decided that I'm going to swim my laps, and keep adding 5 laps every day. See how far I get. I started April 1st after my post that day with 25 laps. Then 30, then 35. Yesterday was 40. Today will be 45 etc.

I want to get to 100 laps. I know it's a bit extreme. I know that I need to vary up my work outs and etc but doing this has a lot more to do with helping me psychologically than physically right now.

I want to PROVE I can do it. I'll also be doing my pilates video three times a week and work on my core. From there, when I finally get some good solid wifi time to research better weight training routines for myself (and maybe get a chance to talk to a trainer who can work specifically with me) I'll come up with a good regimen for this summer.

I don't want to start doing something, hurt myself and then regret it. This is MY life, MY body, and MY time. I want to do it right.

Goal(s): So since I had to admit to myself that my eating habits we're going south again (and not in a good way) I decided it's time to "research" again. This usually means go to the public library's 'Self-Help' section and find new books to read about "healthy foods" and "eating right" etc. I always make sure they don't emphasize 'dieting' because I promised myself two winters ago when I started this blog that I will never DIET again.

I want to learn how to change my eating habits FOR LIFE. Not just for a while.

I also promised myself that if I was going to open the fridge I better go in there for water or plan what I was going to COOK. Because I know that my infamous habit of "just grabbing something" is what has lead to my downfall.

I am going to Cancun this August, partly to vaca with my family but also to celebrate my birthday. (LEO's unite! Woop-woop!) I have to remind myself that I had planned to reach my goal weight by my 25th birthday. That's in 4 months. I better get cracking.

I'm thinking about posting a huge note on the fridge door that says something like "Remember: Cancun in August Elina!" Something like that. LOL

Happy Tuesday everyone. I feel so much better now that I have a 'plan'. Now will it work? We'll see but for now, I'm back on the trail.


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Blubeari said...

Plans always make me feel so much better. If I don't have one, I'm constantly either going off track, or worrying about going off track! :-) Best of luck with yours. They sound awesome!! And Cancun should be a great motivator!