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Monday, April 25, 2011

Weigh Check In

Happy Monday everyone,

I hope this holiday weekend was a joyous one regardless of whether you celebrate Easter or not.

Let's start!

Current Weight: UNKNOWN (No weigh ins for April)

Work Out Achievement(s): Once I finished swimming I decided to start jogging again. I hadn't really been jogging regularly for months but I thought it would be a good idea to get in the habit since jogging is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting some cardio in. So I went for it.

I started the 2 mile jog I'd been doing before and every day went a little further. Since I only had a week left in the desert I wanted to see if I could reach a 5k. A 5k = 3.3 miles or so, so I needed to jog/run around that.

I decided to track how much 3 miles was by driving the route I usually jog and tracking the mileage (clever huh. lol) and figured how much I had to do.

Every day I jogged a little further, Daft Punk taking me there the whole way. (I found that the Tron: Legacy soundtrack is a pretty awesome and focused music to get me going) On the third day I did it!

I jogged 5k in ~50 minutes. Now that's pretty slow but I didn't care. I was there for the distance not the time. I was thrilled.

On my last day I decided to go 'the extra mile' and jogged the furthest yet. I ended up doing about 3.6 miles in 48 minutes, and the first mile in 11 minutes. That's the fastest I'd ever jogged a mile and a nice improvement on my time for the whole lot.

I've also been continuing the pilates video and I've been happily noticing that I'm able to keep the poses just a little longer, and a little better every day. Things that were hard for me before are becoming more possible.

For example in the beginning after attempting something crazy on my back I'd then hear something like this:
(imagine a bubbly womans voice) "Now rock up for the flat back~"
me: rock up? are you nuts. Ugh (I don't make it up the whole way). Hell!

Now it's more like this:

(On my back doing something) me: Oh god it burns but I can make the last two sets!
bubbly voice: "Now rock up.."
(I rock up before she even finishes and say it with her)
BV and me in unison: "..for the flat back!"

Then I realized that I rocked up without thinking twice and I'm starting to sound like her.

Good show. LOL. I'd call that progress!

Goal(s): I'm home for a week before I start my new job for the summer and I have to really watch my food intake. I also have to continue jogging. I can do this!

I leave you with a pic of me on top of the hill on my last "little hike" in the desert before I left

We can do this!


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2fivefive said...

Girl, it doesn't sound to me like you're jogging at all..it sounds like you are RUNNING!!! wonderful job:)