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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Vacation is OVER!

Hello Everyone,

It's been a long, relaxing, and filled with food-I-shouldn't-eat and little to no exercise, week.

Yes I did it again.

I finished my work in the desert and went home. And I did NOTHING. I didn't exercise. I didn't watch my food intake. I didn't post any blogs. I didn't get ANY work done. I did nothing.

I could feel my middle expanding. Yes expect a significant weight gain tomorrow morning for the May weigh in. I could already tell I've gained weight.

I don't have any more explanations or excuses left. I knowingly overate and didn't exercise last week.

But guess what: Vacation is OVER!

I just arrived to the place I'll be calling home for the next few months. Picture a cute house with big fat couches in the living room and out the door is a mountain range half filled with snow, pine trees, and out in the distance.. deer.

BIG change from the desert right? You bet.

I'm going to be re-starting my jogging routine but one thing I didn't anticipate is the elevation change.

I already got a migrane and felt dehydrated from being so high up. (Remember I just came from Death Valley.. as in 100 feet below sea level) I hope that I won't get sick or anything from trying to jog at this elevation. There are plenty of trails around this field station I hope are nice enough to jog through, but we'll see.

So long story short. I'm back. Wider in the middle but ready to keep going on my journey. Stay tuned. I'm not done yet!


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