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Friday, May 27, 2011

Trying Something New

This morning I decided I wanted to try something new instead of jogging. A few days earlier I found out there was a Geological site/Creek Hatchery literally across the road from where I'm staying. So this morning I decided I was going to hike the creek and see if I could get a good work out in.

It was a gorgeous place (although I don't fish).
Hot Creek Hatchery

This is the view after I'd hiked through it and ended up on top of a hill. Beautiful isn't it?

I actually spent too much time stopping to take pictures on the way out but I did actually pick up the pace and even sprinted a few stretches of this on the way back.

Having a little too much fine to get a good sweat going

I even managed to take a little video of the russling cheat grass on the side of the canyon. (It was a windy day).

At some point I did have to climb some rocks and in order to get back to my car I had to hike up this steep hill. So in the end it was a nice morning hike if nothing else. My breath picked up and I also got a chance to explore my own backyard I guess you could say.

All in all a good day.

Here are the calorie intake numbers:

Mon: unknown
Tue: 2,079 calories
Wed: 1,984 calories
Thu: 2,181 calories
Fri: 2,041 calories

Are we seeing a trend here maybe? LOL

That's all for now. Have a great holiday weekend (whether or not you celebrate Memorial Day)!


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