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Monday, May 9, 2011

Weigh In

Good Monday!

It's actually snowing outside right now. Beautiful as it is we were snowed out of our field site so we had to "high-tail" it out of there (<-- I've never actually written that expression down. I hope that's how it's done). That and my cough isn't getting any better (I wonder what it is. It's not a cold.)

But all of that can't put down my good mood because I weighed in this morning and got good news!

Current Weight: 205.0 lbs (-6.4 lbs from last week. That's what I'm talking about!)

Work Out Achievement(s): So I've been updating this blog daily with my new jogging routine. I skipped jogging Sunday saying I was going to give myself a break but ended up getting a nice work out anyway since we moved to a new field site and got some cardio hiking around with snow-shoes.

Check out this gear eh?

I have a good handle on these shoes which makes me happy, being my first time using snow shoes and all.

I actually ended up with slightly sore legs last night because of these. LOL.

This morning I re-started my jogging routine but I ended up having trouble keeping my mouth and/or nose clear since I instantly got all coughy and phlegmy. I felt like an old guy; snorting and spitting every few feet.(eww I know) Despite that my timing wasn't bad.

Here it is:
Day 1: 2 miles in 50 minutes
Day 2: 2 miles in 32 minutes
Day 3: 2 miles in 30 minutes
Day 4: 2 miles in 29 minutes
Day 5: 2 miles in 29 minutes
Day 6: 2 miles in 30 minutes

I'm going to have to either watch myself when I go jogging or I might have to take a break and see if my throat gets any better. :(
I need to look up what's going on.

Goal(s): So I want to continue my jogging routine but with my throat and the fact it's snowing right now I might have to take a break. I also haven't continued pilates since last Monday so I need to get on that. Pilates is a good breathing exercise so it might help.

I'm also going to start re-tracking my food and will log my calorie intake in this blog all week. So look forward to a bunch of numbers and lists (and hopefully pics) of food. Yumm.

Have a great, warm, and dry week everyone and I will try to do the same.

I call this expression: "Agh snow in my eye!" LOL


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