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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting Down and Dirty!

Another title for this post might have been "2 Steps Back, One Step forward" but as I started writing it I realized it all had to do with getting down and dirty so here it is!

First off I wanted to put in my jogging hours for today. I didn't manage to jog yesterday due to a long day of work (which was a work out itself) so, although I was dragging my feet this morning I decided to get out the tennis shoes and go for my jog before I got too lazy (and also because I heard from my co-worker that there was a 50% chance of rain and 60mph winds coming up this afternoon and I didn't want to get stuck in that if I decided to jog later. LOL)

I again decided I was going to run double so I started at an even pace and here are the numbers:

1 miles in 14 minutes
2 miles in 27 minutes
4 miles in 55 minutes

And apparently 4 miles of cardio equals around 470 calories burned, though I am bummed that sparkpeople thinks a 14mph jog as a "walk". Hell

I managed to take 1 minute off my total from Monday. That's good enough progress for me, especially since I wasn't "feeling it" this morning.

Now I wanted to take a minute to talk about my sneakers. Poor things are cheap shoes from Target and never really meant to be running shoes. However they hold my feet sturdy and haven't given me trouble. BUT I'm sad to report that they're dying.

I'm completely wearing them thin:

If you look at these guys closely you'll see that the rubber at the heel is completely worn through, they're cracked at the ball of the foot and just plain worn down. :(

I'm thinking that if I'm going to become serious about this whole jogging business it's about time I invested in some real running shoes.

Are there any suggestions?

And speaking of wearing things down and thin I finally had a chance to show off my snow pants after I promised I would so here they are in their worn and beat up splendor:

Yes, this is what white snow pants and melting snow habitat will do to you

Yes I knew what I was getting in to when I bought white snow pants. But you know what? This just shows I'm being active. Pretty and clean field gear has no place in an active lifestyle. So I cheer for my worn clothes! I am proud of them!


Apart from that I noticed I STILL wasn't jotting down my calorie intake so I also went to Sparkpeople.com to do that. (Can I say the upgrade they made to the site has been looking awesome so far.) and I got a rough estimate of yesterdays food in take:

According to Spark People I should consume around 1,760-2,110 calories/day

Monday: UNKNOWN (honestly couldn't remember everything I ate that day)
Tuesday: ~ 2,079 calories
Wednesday: 1,851 calories and counting (not done with the day so who knows)

I'm noticing that my "snacks" actually end up having more calories than my meals. Odd but I guess I'm what you'd call a "grazer".

That's all for tonight. Have a fantastic and windless (it's incredibly windy now)Belly-button-of-the-week day!

And please let me know if you have any suggestions on what running shoes I should get and/or where I should look.


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Anonymous said...

I think it's great to jog, if you like jogging but calorie counting is just something that takes time.. Time you can spend doing things you enjoy(which I guarantee counting calories is something you don't enjoy) It really IS NOT about calories in, calories out.. It's more of, we are what we eat.. it's a basic concept but if you think about it, why are we eating foods that are not natural for us? We didn't eat this way, processed packaged foods until recently, past couple hundred years. Our bodies never had the chance to adapt to these foods.. that's why we are fat.. We eat the wrong foods, we need to eat what we use to eat.. That's how u lose weight.. exercise is merely for strength, endurance and to keep you able to do the things you enjoy to do.. enjoying life, having fun.. not wearing our bodies out...