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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I always feel better when I Get Off My Ass

I woke up late this morning. I couldn't sleep well due to the stress I was having over making a major decision, again. When I finally got up it was to the sounds of the house moving aka the people that usually don't get up until I'm back from jogging were up before I was. Not a good sign.

My first thoughts (besides "Sh*t I overslept!") were, "I don't feel like going jogging this morning. I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to."

As I got up and started breakfast (it's just cereal) I brought my laptop and started reading a blog entry by Lisa @ 110 Pounds and Counting. Looking at the progress this lady has made and reading her entries reminded me of my goals to reach my goal weight by August.

"You're not going to get there by sitting on your ass eating Cheerios and *wishing* it off Elina."

So I slammed the laptop shut. Got up. And said out loud, "That's enough."

I changed and got ready to jog and not only that but my co-worker (who is also trying to lose weight) decided to join me.

I pushed myself too hard in the beginning and I ended up slowing down at the end so my timing was lousy

2 miles in 30 minutes

but I was so proud of my co-worker. For her first time jogging she ended up doing 2 miles in 35 minutes! Awesome-ness.

Not only that but after that I finally made a decision (on the stressful thing that was keeping me up all night) and started working toward getting things done and ready. Being pro-active ALWAYS makes me feel better.

Knowing I'm doing something and moving forward rather than sitting around "wondering what to do" and biting my nails is ALWAYS the way to go.

I just forget sometimes. Or I'm hesitant. Or I'm scared. LOL

Yay for getting off my ass!

Now wish me luck. I'll reveal what decision I'm talking about once I get things underway. I'm not ready to reveal it just yet.

Have a great Wednesday!


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Engr 185b said...

Yay! You're awesome, I'm so proud =)