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Monday, May 2, 2011

May Weigh In/I'm ready

It's Monday and it's May. Therefore my "No Weigh Ins for April" is over. It's time to update my monthly weigh in and it's time to get serious.

Like I mentioned in my last post I had leaped off the wagon for the week. I didn't do anything, not even take my vitamins.

That laziness is over now. I feel a little sluggish and out of shape but I'm ready to keep going now and go ALL THE WAY.

I was realizing that maybe this plateau I've been in since the beginning of the year was, at least in part, me sabotaging myself in my fear of going under the 200 lbs mark.

I think that's enough scurrying around. I'm going to make these next few months count and work as hard as I can to finally lose the weight.

Saying that let's start the Weigh In!

Current Weight: 211.4 lbs (It's actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I guess half of that was just bloating.. meh)

Work Out Achievement(s): Now again, I didn't do anything last week but I was at least able to measure my arm strength carrying my nine month old nephew around all week. Jumping him on the bed. Doing the airplane. Grabbing him from other peoples arms and running away from other people screaming "Steal the baby!" while he bursts out laughing... etc

He weighs about 25 lbs and that was the easiest weight I could carry. I ended getting in the habit of making my arm a sling, with my bicep as his swing seat and carrying him around that way so I suppose that means something. LOL

Goal(s): Ok here we go. I'm planning on starting my jogging routine with the small stretch of pavement from the field station to the edge of the road. It's actually a nice stretch so it should be a good start.

I'm worried about the elevation messing with my breathing but I think I'll be ok.

I also brought my pilates video with me. We're still waiting for the last girl to show up today and chances are she's going to be sharing a room with me so I'm going to have to figure out how, when and where I'm going to be able to work on pilates since I don't want this girl to hate me for doing stretches and listening to "bubbly voice" when she's trying to read or sleep or something.(Plus I'm a little self conscious about it.)

We'll see.

I need to make sure I start taking my pills again. Keep me up and moving. By the sound of it this first month is going to be hell because of the melting snow and the cold so I'm hoping I won't be too tired or get hurt. We'll see. We'll see.

That's all for now kids. Have a great morning!


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