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Monday, May 30, 2011

50 lbs Lost Mark!!!

Woo! I'm back from work and ready to celebrate my 50 lbs Lost Mark! I'm so happy I FINALLY reached this milestone!

This day is a long time coming but I'm ready and I won't let anything get in my way from keeping these pounds off and continuing my weight loss journey.

Let's start by looking at a before and after. Starting with me at the beginning of my Journey in December 2009 @ 251 lbs and today, May 2011 50 lbs lost later:

I'm actually wearing the same jacket here. Except that the after picture shows everything it and I have been through. LOL. And yes I do still wear it constantly!

I sadly don't have before pictures of my profile, since I didn't start doing it until I was 230 lbs but here are the new ones!

Please forgive my wind-swept hat hair. I'd just come back from jogging and put on my dirty work jeans so.. yeah ruffin' it!

My measurements:

Starting Weight: 251
Current Weight: 201
I've currently lost = 50 lbs

Starting Chest: 52 inches
Current Chest: 45 in
-----------------------loss= 7 in
Starting Waist: 46 in
Current Waist: 40 in
----------------------loss= 6 in
Starting Hips: 53 in
Current Hips: 47 in
----------------------loss= 6 in
Starting Thigh: 27 in
Current Thigh: 25 in
---------------------loss= 2 in
Starting Calf: 17 in
Current Calf: 16 in
--------------------loss= 1 in

Not bad. Not bad.

Now for the 10 things that have improved since I started my weight loss journey:

1. I was able to find a nice jacket at the thrift store and it fit me

2. I can now fit most XL shirts and pants which means I'm close to leaving the "PLUS" or "WOMENS" aisle at a clothing store.

3. I can hike 9 miles (uphill!) in a little over 3 hours

4. I can jog 1 mile in 12 minutes!

5. I have fallen in love with baking fish (tilapia and salmon) when before I couldn't stand looking at it (fish).

6. I can bend down and not only touch my toes but place my entire palms on the floor.

7. I haven't had any major medical problems in months.

8. I can say no to fast food.

9. I not only believe that I can one day be athletic but I'm on my way to getting there.

10. I feel GOOD inside most of the time. Physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

I can do this!! You can too!

Thank you for being with me this far. Let's keep going!



Jordan Arteaga said...

congrats on all your hard work!!!! do your best and forget the rest!!!!!!!

Tenzin said...

I'm very proud of you and your effort. Great job.
You look great! When are you coming up here?
I miss you:) or is it my turn to come down? Lol
Anyway, keep doing what you are doing; it's
Working great:)

Dr. Wade said...

Congratulations, Elina. What great work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Your hard work is paying off. You are an inspiration, and you give me and others hope that we can do it too without having to pay for a fancy gym membership or any crazy surgery :)