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Friday, May 20, 2011

Doing It Just Cause..

This morning I went jogging. (My face is still cooling down actually and my water bottle is right next to me.)

I didn't get a chance to jog yesterday due to a full and heavy schedule. So today I decided to make up for it.

From the moment I opened my eyes I decided I wasn't going to attempt anything. I was just going to jog.

I didn't want to attempt any records.
I didn't want to try flooring it when it came to the inclines in my road.
I didn't want to time myself (although I did) to give myself a boost.

I also wasn't struggling to get it done like Wednesday.
I wasn't dreading every moment or
day dreaming the time away.

I promised to jog in a steady pace the whole way. Not because I was tired or didn't want to stress myself. I did it because I simply wanted to get my heart pumping this morning.

I wanted the cool mountain air to wake me up. I wanted to enjoy the music on my mp3 without having to wonder or worry that the next song coming up would be too slow to keep me going.

I wanted to have my breath steady. I wanted to be steady.

And I was. And it felt great.

Here are the numbers:

0.5 miles in 7 minutes
1 mile in 14 minutes
2 miles in 28 minutes.

I didn't do it for the time. I did it... just because I wanted to.

Happy Friday.


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Engr 185b said...

I love you! Right on!