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Saturday, May 7, 2011

I feel like a celebrity when I jog.

So I went jogging again this morning. My poor face feels tight from the sunburn I'm getting (I'm suspecting my sunblock gave me a rash so I'm going without until I can go into town and buy a new one.)

Here are the numbers again.

Day 1: 2 miles in 50 minutes
Day 2: 2 miles in 32 minutes
Day 3: 2 miles in 30 minutes
Day 4: 2 miles in 29 minutes
Day 5: 2 miles in 29 minutes

Yes my time today was the same as yesterday so it looks like I've reached my current (stable) time. Now I have a starting time to work from. I'm hoping that in a few weeks I'll be able to make the 2 miles in around 20 minutes. Being able to do a mile in 10 minutes seems pretty awesome to me.

One thing I noticed this morning is how strangers most of the time seem to be pretty happy to see me jogging in the morning (or anytime I guess).

When I started jogging back in the desert many of the locals in my route (which pretty much equaled the entire town, since it was so small) would have big smiles on their faces when I jogged by.

I'd properly wave and keep going.

One time an old man on his jeep and his friend actually slowed down (which is dangerous since we're in a highway) and waved energetically and kept giving me a thumbs up sign while looking me up and down as I trotted past.

This made me smile.

I've had the owner of the little desert village stop me a couple of times and tell me that seeing me out there motivated her to start exercising again (though I never saw her out and about).

I've had people 'woop' and holer at me. I've had horses stare at me. I've had countless people smile and wave as they drove past. I've had people later in the day ask me if I was the one out "running this morning" and continue to tell me that they're thinking about starting to jog in the mornings too.

I thought it was just the small town atmosphere.

But now I'm in the mountains. In a field station full (or it will be soon) with field biologists, hikers, fishermen and etc all in the best shape of their lives. And already twice I've gotten big smiles, waves and a woman ask me how many laps I do (and when I answered, "Oh just one big one until I get used to it) and tell me it looked like I was already used to it.

I honestly feel like a celebrity when I'm out hitting the pavement. I remember how in the beginning of my journey not too long ago I was soo scared of entering the gym with (what I believed to be) fit and toned people. How I would be judged as an outcast for being this fat girl attempting to walk the treadmill.

When I found out that no one cared and how I would actually get a random grin from a person passing by I couldn't believe it.

Even now I find it fascinating. People are actually happy to see a big person attempt to get healthier.

And even if they don't and are secretly judging me, I say f-that because I don't care about them and would rather happily remember the smiles and waves.

It's amazing how something as simple as a smile, and a thumbs up from a stranger does to a persons self-esteem. It makes me want to continue. It gives me assurance that I'm not just wasting my time with this. That I can do this!

and I can.

You can too.


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Engr 185b said...

Of course you're not wasting your time, love. This is an investment for your LIFE -every aspect of it. & you want to know what the best part is? It only keeps getting better :) I love you and admire you as well, I know you can do this. You have been doing an amazing job so far, I know -and you know- that you can keep going. Si se puede! <3 Jenny