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Monday, May 16, 2011

Weigh In/ Food Post!

Happy Monday! Well so far it is and here's why:

Current Weight: 203.0 lbs (-2 lbs from last week)

Work Out Achievement(s): You know I wonder why I still call it "Work Out Achievements" when I usually end up talking about more than just work outs but I like the sound of it, so I guess it stays.

So last week was a little more sporadic due in part to the weather (I think we got snowed on more than once.) and my cough getting worse then better. It's almost done now.

However I continued my jogging (on and off) and now have a new record that I matched again this morning

2 miles in 27 minutes (including 1 mile in 12 minutes).

Another exciting thing is that I FOUND A POOL! A beautiful (from what I could tell through the closed gate) lap pool and I'm going to attempt to go sometime this week--weather permitting-- and jump back in.

I admit I'm incredibly relieved at the loss this week because my diet turned out completely irregular. My cough got worse early in the week and left me with little appetite, but then on Wednesday (the bellybutton of the week!) I didn't take lunch with me to the field, seeing as I hadn't been hungry the few days before, and it turned out that my appetite came back full force that day. We stopped at a mini mart that day and I bought banana bread and a brownie. I downed both of them. The following day my co-worker made cake and I was eating cake non-stop (hence the reason I posted my 'Guilty Pleasures' post earlier). And this weekend we visited this awesome local bakery and had this awesome Lox and bagel sandwich:

I'm totally forgetting the name of those little green things in the sandwich but they made that bagel. LOL
I also bought a cookie and my co-workers shared our purchases (think a large apricot, walnut and oat cookie, a vegan chocolate cookie and a lemon sugar cookie..yummm)

I also ended up buying a loaf of roasted garlic sourdough bread and have been eating toast all weekend.

But do not despair! I have been eating healthy for the most part. Twice this week I experimented baking salmon with different spices:
So salmon with lemon juice,
seasoned with garlic salt,
McCormicks 'Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning'
dried onion chips,
and topped with:
chopped grean onion,
and sprinkled with feta cheese.
Bake and tada! Delicious fish!

and one other dish I make every day if not more than once a day is my infamous fruit salad:

I make this ALL THE TIME. Usually whatever fruit is available but usually has:
cantaloupe (or other melon but this is rare)
topped with:
either cottage cheese or plain yogurt,
sometimes granola,
sometimes almonds,
but ALWAYS honey.
Mmmmm honey. I'm addicted to Honey!

If I ever run out fruit I don't know what I would do.

For dinner I have the tendency of buying frozen vegetables and saute-ing them and/or steaming them with some sort of stock or seasoning. I'm pretty unoriginal about this stuff and the only that that changes (besides the assortment of frozen veggies I buy) is what combination of seasonings I use to add flavor to my steamed veggie mess. LOL

Goal(s): So I promised I would start tracking but I admit I only did it once last week. I need to re-try again this week. It's a habit I've seemed to abandon and I really need to get back to in order to finally leave the 200's for good! I'm sooo close! (But I've said that before haven't I? LOL)

Wish me luck and have a great week!

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