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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Welcome to SNARL! (A Happy post w/ pictures!)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know Mexico doesn't really celebrate it too much but who doesn't need an excuse for chips, salsa and a beer? Right?

So it's my fifth day here in "the mountains" and so far it's been pretty smooth. The view is beautiful.

Our current field site. Do you like my office? LOL

The days have been amazing and the work has been slow starting which has allowed me to accumulate and learn the workings of it all.

The field station I'm currently staying in is called SNARL, which stands for Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Laboratory. It's a cute place and I like that it's rural enough so that we don't have to lock our doors but close enough to the nearest town so that I don't have to stress over driving 30 minutes just for toilet paper. LOL

My co-workers and I are staying in this cute little house

where the kitchen is too small but the best part about it (so far) is.... WIFI!

I know for the last six months I've been complaining like a little kid about my connection problems and I apologize but honestly it feels SO GOOOD to be able to open my computer in the morning, check my email, look at pictures, and leave a comment on facebook all before my tea is done warming up in the microwave. Awww to be spoiled with technology~

But I don't stay on the computer for long because after breakfast, as I've mentioned, I go jogging

This is the road I take each morning.

It's gorgeous and the weather has been amazing but I admit I've been lazy in my skin care regime because I am now sunburned from jogging in the morning, facing the morning sun, without sunblock.

A burnt but happy face.

Oh yes, ironic I know. I don't get burned in the desert but in the middle of snow filled mountains.

But you gotta love it right?

Aaaand my jog-timing has also gotten better.

Day 1: 50 minutes out and back
Day 2: 32 minutes out and back
Day 3: 30 minutes out and back.

Yes! I will get this jogging thing down! I still have to figure out the distance but I'm completely excited over my progress.

Have a great holiday everyone!


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