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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update: I can feel my muscles

Quick update.

Last night I completed 80 laps of my "100 lap-a-thon" (Does that sound better? I don't know..) and when I started my arms were a little tight, a little sore.

Of course by the time I was in the 50's the feeling was gone and I just went on with the motions until I got to 80 laps. Then I went back and did pilates. That's right. After that long swim I still stuck my legs in the air and pumped my arms and made my abs burn. LOL

Due to a change in my schedule I will be upgrading and today I'll be doing 90 (instead of 85) and tomorrow I'll attempt 100 laps.

Now, I have to admit right now my eating has only gotten slightly better. I'm not overeating as much as I was back in March but I'm still heading to the kitchen A LOT more than I should. Add to that the fact that I can't check the scale to see if this regime is working I'm kind of freaking out.

But then I take a second to relax and I start to pay attention to how I feel. I feel strong. I feel alive and springy. It's not just being able to feel my muscles in my arms when I move or the rock hard-ness of my legs through the (shrinking) layer of flab. I could feel the endorphines from my workouts working through my body leaving me feeling--in a nutshell-- good.

I feel good.

I look at my profile in the mirror and, though I might be fooling myself, my middle doesn't look as big as it did last week. Maybe it's just my posture. Because I feel good and strong I'm standing good and strong?

"Shoulders back! Boobs Out! It's showtime!" as Debbie Reynold used to say.

So I guess what I'm saying is that although this plan of mine might not move the number on the scale (though I'm crossing my fingers that it will) I can't ever regret going back to getting active. This feeling is too good to pass up.

Happy Wednesday, the belly button of the week!

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