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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ok, that's enough moping.

Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday!

I have good news, sort of. I woke up this morning (at the late hour of 8 a.m. I know! LATE! LOL) and I suddenly felt.. light. I woke up with a much clearer head, newfound energy and a bit of a confidence boost.

I had a random dream last night about me proposing "relations" to a stranger in front of a lake (something I'd doubt I'd actually do in real life, and yes, this may be TMI ... but what's up with the lake backdrop?)

It kind of felt a little Dawson's Creek-y. Minus Katie Holmes. I HATE Katie Holmes.

and it kind of gave me a clue:

"Ok, if you're willing to go up to a random person (let's forget for a sec that it was just a dream) then I think that's clue enough that you're better. No more 'feel sorry for myself.' No more 'let's just eat grilled cheese sandwiches and read Nicholas Sparks instead of swimming.' No more MOPING!"

I realize now that a lot of the stress I was feeling could be eradicated as long as I got OFF my Ass and actually did some work. Contact some people. Send some emails, and read some scientific papers. Not only will I feel like I'm doing something to better my situation, it could also keep me busy and away from the fridge.

After being able to talk to a friend of mine (who I realized I hadn't talked to for months.. wow) I felt better.

I feel better.

Time to get back on track. Back in the wagon. Back on top. Whatever you want to call it.

Losing weight and getting healthy no longer feels far away. It's right here. Right now.

I'm awesome and I WILL get there.

You will too.

Now, let's start.


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